1. What's even better is when your players KNOW a mimic is your favorite monster. Just put a normal treasure chest anywhere and watch the paranoia ensue.

  2. George Washington never chopped down a cherry tree.

  3. It's ruined my a level. My teacher showed us all how to use it and now gets it to set and mark all our work. His excuse for not giving us essays is that we will just use the ai. He seems to have forgotten that chatgpt won't do the exams for us

  4. Lame teacher. AI is not capable of writing a quality essay, even at the High School level. It would be easier to write your own than to fight with an AI until it makes something readable.

  5. Cute toy. It shows us that current AI is absolutely nothing to be afraid of because it's dumb as a brick.

  6. My mom is past retirement age and still works 50+ hours a week working the phones and doing paperwork at a real estate closing law office. When lockdown started she told me "thank god we got classified as essential!"

  7. Lack of emotions, logical flow with no personal opinions, and similar syntax throughout the article.

  8. Very unlikely that an AI article would have a logical flow. It's more likely just cookie-cutter transitions from buzzword to buzzword.

  9. Zero substance or personality. Incoherent occurrences. Random swings to unrelated ideas. AI is terrible at writing.

  10. Going outside, grabbing a stick, and just going nuts with it.

  11. Have an immovable locked door. If they try to pick the lock, the doorknob eats their tools. These guys are STEM majors, so watch them spin their wheels coming up with elaborate and creative methods to open the door... all unnecessary because the key is under the doormat.

  12. The number one thing you need to do is set appropriate expectations. Explain to the party what they'll actually be doing in your campaign. Don't be afraid to talk with the players about making alterations to help them better fit into your setting.

  13. i hadnt thought about alterations to their characters at all i only really considered altering the world and campaign

  14. You can avoid the whole "My character wouldn't do that" debacle by asking your players to make a character that would do that.

  15. At least you didn't say 00's. A dark time for music, indeed.

  16. No, not even close. Millennials are FAR worse off than Boomers. Median household income in 1980 was ~21K. Average cost of a house, ~47K.

  17. One, you’re not adjusting for inflation. Second, it maybe 5x more, but it’s also going to be worth more when their mortgage is paid off.

  18. But, if you want the actual adjusted for inflation price, 47K in 1980 = $169,845.19 in 2022. That means the cost of housing is double what it would be adjusted for inflation, while income has not kept up with inflation.

  19. Because instead of talking to girls, I'm on reddit posting about why I can't get laid.

  20. Generic Jedi? Gotta give it to Godzilla. If it's some crazy elite Jedi like Mace Windu, I think he could take big G.

  21. Their opinions when presented with new information.

  22. Chicken McNuggets. It's the only thing McDonald's has that's worth eating. Their fries are overrated.

  23. Rhianna's halftime show was one of the worst performances I've ever seen. Just saying.

  24. Baseball. It's the only game in the world that's more nothing happening than something happening.

  25. Teleportation. It would save me SO much money in transportation, and I could just chill on a tropic beach for a few hours on the weekend, then come back home.

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