1. This week is "49ers whaaa ahaaappennnneddd" week. Starting friday at 5pm we transition to super bowl hype.

  2. Shanahan mentioned that he watched the replay on the Jumbotron and the view they showed made it look like a catch.

  3. I was there. You couldnt see anything on the Jumbotron. You saw him bring it in to his body and roll over top and you couldnt see his arms or ball at all. So yeah, Shanahan shouldnt rely on the home town feed lol

  4. Cheifs should wear red. That would be cool to see both in colors and no white uniforms

  5. If it were the cowboys instead of us, id root chiefs. i think if it were washington or NYG id root for them.

  6. For some reason the 9ers had no concept of the posibility of losing that game. I think with all of us here, we know any given weekend, this division can pull upsets or beat a team they shouldnt or play great. So you know going into any NFCE game, that you better bring it or you'll lose. (LOOK AT THE FUCKING COMMIES, the only team to beat hurts this year)

  7. Wheel chair users do the marathon in like 1:40. If i beat one of them I would shatter the world record by 21 minutes . check mate.

  8. I love it. Its exactly what we would say. I can never be the "well dont you want to get beat by the eventual champion? FUCK NO. I hope they lose miserably!

  9. A 49ers fan telling us WE forgot what andy means to US is pretty fucking hillarious

  10. Very happy with the design so far. The patches, this hat, the desert asthetic... Very cool

  11. I do appreciate this sub r / NFL is so fucking soft over there they pretend it's for stats and Twitter screen shots. There's so much negativity towards the eagles and after you win you can't even shit talk because everyone gets butthurt. Including other eagles fans! Fucking soft. Glad we have this sub

  12. "Reagor will be good. Hurts tho at this pick is horrible" hahaha the most wrong take of all time

  13. Fans like this trash bag is the only reason I’m not for the eagles.

  14. We don't want you rooting for us. Yeah I'm the trash bad because my team who everyone said is a fraud and hasn't played anyone. Has been fucjing steamrolling in the playoffs but I'm trash if I am excited about that. I fucking hate 99 percent of sports "fans" who think everyone should have fun and get along

  15. When did our fan base get so soft? Just taking shit from everyone all year long and saying good game?

  16. Minus the drama. I don't see AJ doing sit ups in his driveway shirtless

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