1. I mostly use it defensively since fireball is less effective in midladder, most of my cards are at level 11, the only one maxed out is the arrows but I don't use them thst much unless it's for the mastery for banner tokens.

  2. in an event every card is level 11, rocket can only be used defensively in some strict situations and smart players won’t give you that value

  3. True, but you can also use tornado to make it valuable, and by level I mean the trophy mode.

  4. Well, sucks as logbait player. My rocket..... Oh my rocket.

  5. There's still the goblin barrel and princess as another source of damage, hopefully this will improve the reputation of Logbait since most people hate it due to rocket cycling done by many users.

  6. I like the Knight buff only because I use him like a mini tank to soak damage already

  7. True, he's the best troop due to this, and it's also cheaper than Valkirie so it's faster to use him since I mostly use cheap cards.

  8. I hope lumberloon/speedyloon freeze won't be much of an issue since it's too easy to use.

  9. RIP rocket cycle cough i mean log bait users

  10. The main purpose of Logbait is to trick the enemy into using log aso they can't defend from goblin barrel, but some people use the rocket to destroy the tower instead of using it as a defense, that's the only deck that's able to counter mirrored MegaKnight, Electro-giant and elite barbarians since most of them are Level 14+15 with the mirror, I do cycle to rocket but that's just because for defense, I only attack the tower if the enemy also uses it.

  11. All that just to say absolutely nothing. If you’re not rocketing towers in double and triple you’re just shooting yourself in the foot.

  12. True, but I mostly do that because of the enemies that I face are overleveled so it would be impossible defeating them with the fireball, and I don't really want to face mirrored level 15 cards for the billionth time, especially the Electro-giant, MegaKnight and Élite barbarians.

  13. This card is op till I use it. I get always macthed against logbait or mini pekka

  14. True, but everytime u face it the opponent has lightning or earthquake.

  15. That happens because of high libido, otherwise it could also be a health issue.

  16. This is probably considered small by Twitter standards.

  17. usually a witch, then mk at the bridge and goblin barrel on the tower bc you wasted your log

  18. True, but if you place them closer they might get entry eliminated by the rocket or any big spell.

  19. How did you get the banner you are using and you want to complain about spending gems wtf. What do you mean by limited? Is CR supposed to give you everything for free now a days? Unless you played from launch, you don't know what limited gems are. You just spent them on other things Stop thinking you are entitled to everything in the game fir free.

  20. The issue isn't about banners having a cost, it's about their price increase everytime you buy them with gems, the first cost starts with 50 gems, then it increase by 50 everytime you purchade with gems.

  21. Yes very much so. Its funny almost, ill play on ranked and get a bm once every like 5-10 matches, then ill go into a cc and get bmed(typically I win ccs so this is still when they lose) every match or every other match,

  22. Technically he couldn't counter it so he refused to delay the inevitable, or he probably confused it with another card.

  23. Most of the time they get high trophies because of the credit card.

  24. That's an average midladder deck, I always find them overleveled, which is the reason why I always use Logbait due to inferno tower, rocket and the fact that many of them got there simply because of credit card.

  25. Whenever I see someone say pekka bs I think they are saying pekka bullshit for a few seconds. Clash Royale community why you got to make the worst acronyms haha. Also I was very confused the first time I saw coc used as an acronym lol.

  26. True, new players might be confused about egolem and ebarbs since the "e" is usually used for things related electricity.

  27. The barbarian hut or the PEKKA Bridgespam?


  29. Your ratio won't be visible until a few hours, so it's just as effective as eating soup with a fork right now.

  30. These aren’t fun either. Shit in this game is not fun, even for super troops since you can play it once and never again. This game is boring and dry af. I already maxed my account like a minute ago and i felt nothing. Maybe it’s time for retirement

  31. True, but the barbarian launcher is the only good card I've seen in an event, it was better than the super ice golem.

  32. You can make use of vassals to make it easier.

  33. They probably succeeded because they exploited the right moment to strike an offensive during a crisis where they had no available allies.

  34. Ah that's nice although I'm terrified thinking of a combination of Prussia's militarism with the mercantilism of the Hansa.

  35. Imagine how OP would be the prussian gunboat diplomacy due to this.

  36. Hog 2.6 pretty unhated I think. It's difficult to pick up at first and rewarding to play, when you lose to it, you just know that your opponent worked hard for the win.

  37. The 2.6 hog cycle is hated because it's too common or something like that since noobs also use it.

  38. Nah bro 1.2 cycle cycle with wallbreakers rage gotta be the least hated deck out there

  39. That's probably because it's too easy to counter wallbreakers assuming you have the right deck.

  40. I agree but I can't seem to find a deck which really works. Do you think skellie king is generally better than valk in such decks? And what are the mini spells. Are arrows enough?

  41. Bats are good since they distract the inferno tower and make it easier for your units to go advance.

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