1. Definitely the info entropy, the new drops are gas, I got zealously and spreez in my fridge, also that rkive you got with the donut lid…is it black maple?

  2. Yep it’s the black maple. That Spreez is perfection tho.

  3. Yes it is, so delicious, the black maple is also really nice.

  4. all the most famous women's clothing designers are straight men :p

  5. We got a water fountain, yours works ours doesn’t, DON’T TALK SHIT ABOUT NORWOOD!

  6. pencils are fine. don't cut them out entirely, they have a time and place. But if you have a set throw you're practicing and you can't get a solid clean line on your first pass then what's the point. thats when markers come in handy.

  7. Yea I totally feel this. practice tags and throws with markers! Markers force you to perfect your style through their permanent nature. When you move on to practicing with paint, you’ll thank yourself for practicing with markers. Also, this is great advice. It made me realize how important it was for me starting out only using sharpies. I rarely went to the books with pencil, still to this day I go 50/50 markers and pencil when sketching out new ideas

  8. Being that I got us into this conundrum I vote RABBIT.

  9. Nothing is impossible through the divine work of the Miracle

  10. Subway graffiti was totally out of control at that time.

  11. You’re entitled to your own opinion and I don’t necessarily disagree, but a Starbucks latte contains 2 shots of espresso which is a decent amount of caffeine…

  12. Similar consistency and flavor. This one is FIRE.

  13. I just grabbed a jar of this on Monday and it’s almost gone, so tasty!!First time for me trying out east side alchemy as well, definitely buying more of their stuff next time

  14. Yes, he does think those things. Crazy, I know. But it turns out the dude who can't stop painting racist graffiti is, in fact, a racist.

  15. Overrated nah not at all, you go all city and paint as much and as long as that dude, get global recognition and fame…then talk about whose style is overrated…dudes got throws hands and pieces it’s worth a look before you hand out style critique jus sayin…other than that everything you said is valid dudes been out his gourd for years now on all this conspiracy theory Illuminati numerology shit and it slowly at first then in a very large way transitioned into anti-semitism in a very real way…most of his graffiti however doesn’t carry that sentiment it’s more shock value cultural statements, not targeting any one specific class, gender, or race, more so holding a mirror to society…not liking what he produces says a lot more about your willingness to confront reality than it says about his beliefs…the creator of a message, and the message are not necessarily bound…someone can be dope stylistically and be a bad person as well they are not mutually exclusive.

  16. This holds a lot of validity, but dude is definitely into some problematic shit and should not be defended. If you want to remove the art from the artist be my guest, but don’t expect others to do the same

  17. These miss nagatoro memes get wilder by the day

  18. Please post a link if you do op! This was awesome by the way, definitely learned a lot just from this video

  19. As a broadcasting officer of WOLFE Ind. I am required to act by the Terms of Conduct at all times. Violations of the major offenses outlined in section 14, such as assault, public intoxication, and unlawful use of controlled substances, are required to be reported to my management, plagiarism is also included in the list. It is a more serious offense punishable with termination to not report such incidents, as these events reflect poorly on WOLFE Ind. and it's emergency broadcasting station initiative as a whole. I've never really dealt with an incident like this in my time working as Broadcasting Officer, and while it may not be necessary to report it, I feel it is best I provide the option.

  20. I apologize that you think I've produced fictitious material. I'm just trying to take some time to myself in between maintenance on the Broadcasting Station and broadcasting emergency transmissions.

  21. Sail fosho, I like pink but too but sail classic

  22. We are sorry an error has occurred. WOLFE Ind. Is working diligently to correct this.

  23. Nice shot. Must be nice to have a peaceful spot to practice. That one on the left is from 2000, I love seeing old pieces.

  24. 2009, pretty sure that’s a 9 on the end

  25. Dude is cap af, he posted a getnup piece, who writes in Melbourne Australia and he tried to say it was Texas, all like “well my buddy took the pic in Texas, idk what to tell you”

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