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  1. Shoulda stayed haha, not trying to say you aren’t welcome in Ohio but the prices here suck hard. If I lived closer to the border I’d probably get 80-90% of my marijuana product from MI.

  2. Hmm never thought much of these guys but if they’re quality I’ll give em a shot

  3. I’ve bought a good handful of their Aura branded carts and their 100% labs branded live resin. I think it’s all been on point and the carts themselves are ceramic and awesome

  4. Was gonna ask how long it took, I was gonna guess like half a year with good rng and a year + with bad

  5. In the way that someone gave him a check to put his name on some jars of weed because they thought it would help them sell. Brand could be called Buttfuckers Anal Mints and I would buy if it was good

  6. I’d smoke buttfuckers anal mints all damn day

  7. Yeah Tyson 2.0 is his. This stuffs in Ohio dispensary’s?

  8. I don't usually do 50/50 hybrids but I might have to now. Have been on the hunt for something super gassy. (In any other context that would sound weird lol). Thanks for posting.

  9. The hunt for gassy continues! Haha I totally feel you though my buddy and I have been on the same stank hunt as well, the farkas bud definitely go us right!

  10. Well hello there. Great looking strain and a solid terp profile to back it up. Bullseye wants a piece of the pie

  11. Yes they do! Putting out stuff like this confirms it haha hope it stay consistent

  12. I just got the supreme diesel and my roommate just got the problem child today, first time trying farkas and wow we are both very impressed. some of the best bud we’ve seen in the program for sure. I’ve heard some weird things about them so I have been pushing off trying them out but I should have sooner, both strains are fantastic.

  13. Peanut butter Breath is pretty good, it's no Problem Child, but still good. It smells weird, like you dropped some good weed in a jar of Jif peanut butter. I liked it more than the Supreme Diesel, but I'm not really into sativas

  14. Heard that I’ll keep on the lookout! I lean more towards Indica as well usually but have been branching out into the occasional hybrid/sativa

  15. Dino eggs can only spawn from mountain dig spots, you can also get them from fishing treasure chests!

  16. No luck with treasure chests yet, been using that treasure chest bobber, and do you know if quarry dig spots can drop Dino egg?

  17. I must have missed that when I looked it up lol thank you

  18. Smoke it, or Press it with micron bag for rosin? Those are what come to my mind

  19. That was my thought haha turnip head prince

  20. Oh wait that is u haha u ain’t scoring neither I checked your account up n down like at least show us a pour up I’m not asking for a label or a bottle or anything

  21. Hahahaha you think I gotta post to score?? you broke ass bitch take yo drama starting ass back to high school and come back when you decide to act like an adult crying ass child

  22. Dude this mf didn’t put up a brand wit the title of his post and didn’t post any other picture like for all we know he stopped at a gas station got 2 cups then a smoke shop for 2 sodas anyone can take a picture of that and there’s no other posts on his stories like wtf lol I’m bout to check ya account too bro

  23. Someone needs to clean the scrubs outta here lol

  24. What strain is the terp creme? I'm going to buy this brand for the first time and can't decide between problem child terp creme or supreme diesel terp sugar.

  25. I’d recommend the crème, the texture was fantastic and the melt is perfect

  26. But people can steal their idea if they put it out there??? And good to know that you are the end all be all source of what an idea is worth lol

  27. Wait what?? New episodes?!? I’m googling this now that’s so crazy. Also anyone reading takahashis new work Mao? It’s really good!

  28. Is he vanilla? Never noticed him before

  29. Ya haha kinda got spoiled as I’ve yet to date/marry Leah, I’m assuming he shows up during heart events

  30. I like this theory but we see aliens from time to time and they look like the green, large head and big black eyes type. Like in the title screen Easter egg, also after the alien liquid container pops up on the farm. I believe you can see an alien peek out of the woods at night from time to time as well. After that event. This theory is interesting but I believe the “aliens” in the game are more like the green flying saucer type

  31. I mean, can't there be multiple types of aliens? If one civilization from another planet can come to earth, why can't others do the same?

  32. You are very correct! Totally possible! I was just spitballing from evidence that has been directly given to us from the content

  33. I goofed big time, I was just killing time and figured I’d try it, with a days worth of fish on me too. Goofers gonna goof I guess.

  34. I did the same thing for this quest, did it in less than a day haha

  35. Don’t forget to pet you dog or cat everyday!

  36. I’ve never gotten one, I have the golden coconut helmet though

  37. Yeah, I definitely think upgrading the barn and coop are gonna be priorities

  38. Also for faster production, you could use your cranberries in preserve jars and save your kegs for pumpkins or something that will make more profit while also expanding the profit you’d make off of your cranberries by turning them into jam, just a thought

  39. Good idea, animals will keep your money coming in over winter! And don’t listen to that person saying to not feed them, they need to be fed lol

  40. Hey we got a stardew badass over here!! lol smh

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