1. Taish was such a missed opportunity imo. It was heavy on style but lacked substance. The core plot was paper thin and any thoughts on it would show the plot holes/illogical things that were glossed over by the sheer style

  2. Maharathi starring Paresh Rawal and Naseeruddin. Gem of a movie, highly underrated

  3. What propaganda? There's literally documented evidence of the things they showed

  4. Those were so good! Wonder why they didn't reboot them

  5. I just have one quick question. Can I get the Eternatus code because I’m already trading for a marshadow.

  6. Yes sure thing, I'm currently out and I'll dm once I'm available to trade

  7. The movie was knock out, a rip-off of the movie phone booth

  8. i had laparoscopic hip surgery and it was great. there was no need for a foot long incision along my hip and leg all i have is two very small incisions. the procedure was done outpatient so i was back home on crutches within a few hours. the recovery for my surgery was still long because of the type of surgery but i would recommend it!

  9. Keep in mind that laparoscopic surgery has its own set of risks that some don’t consider. (I’m not saying it’s not still a better option for most).

  10. That's insightful, thank you! So much to consider

  11. Biswa left tvf he was not part of panchayat too

  12. The whole core team who founded tvf has left due to differences with the companies business approach.

  13. Jhootha Hi Sahi was an underrated gem as well.

  14. Schindler's list was a vulgar propaganda movie.

  15. Quite rich coming from someone who basically said he's helpless on stubble burning but issued a flat out cracker ban.

  16. The same wire that literally made up the whole Instagram fiasco? Yeah very believable

  17. Aamir Khan is taking break from acting. This means LSC was his last movie as THE AAMIR KHAN. If he ever does a movie as actor, it will be indie scale only. So the way everyone treated LSC with absolute hate and sadism, absolutely popping champagne on just seeing the movie going down will never be forgotten by fans of Aamir Khan and as much as one may hate to admit this but Khans, have added way more fans for Bollywood than anyone after 2005 debut. And therefore, leaving Aamir's fans with bad taste will not go unforgiven. Just wanted to say this. And, if you like the boycott gang believes that by just shitting on Bollywood (ignoring chauvinism and sexism in south and culture appropriation of hollywood, and scandals that go behind the glamour of korean industry) will solve anything. Then all the evils you believe exist because Bollywood, they all happened all throughout history of mankind way before cameras were even invented.

  18. It's a rather unknown movie, and didn't do well but Sankat City will quench your thirst.

  19. It was a terrible propaganda piece and a poorly made handmaidens tale

  20. true detective with the vibe/similar plotline of article 15

  21. The real question is who's gonna play Alexandra Daddario?

  22. A desi x files! Swapnil Joshi as Mulder and maybe tejaswini pandit as Scully

  23. That claims that he recorded and practiced. Not that knives were only used to kill, nor that other people didn’t practice surgery before that.

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