1. Wait until you play the sequel. Haunted Chase is extremely fast paced.

  2. A commercial depicting people transforming into living fruit or animals when they eat fruit snacks.

  3. This might sound weird to some people, but Eddie Carr from Lost World really stuck out for me. He was against two T-Rexes while stuck inside of a vehicle with nowhere to go. Regardless of that, he kept hitting that gas pedal to make sure that the trailer didn't fall off the cliff. With his efforts, he ended up saving many lives at the cost of his own.

  4. Oh my gosh, this furry bait is crazy. Who would want to buy that?

  5. They talk about going dark for a few days. Don't they realize they've been in the dark since launch?

  6. Some people act like tough rappers, but they're nothing without their Auto-Tune.

  7. I just played through Infernax with the recent co-op DLC that was added. I beat the game twice before, so the third playthrough was extremely quick.

  8. Clearly you have been using text chat for toxic reasons. Otherwise, they would not have found anything during their investigation.

  9. When you're firing mid-transition to ADS, the bullet isn't going to travel exactly where you want it. There's also your connection quality to consider.

  10. Yeah bro it’s just your connection quality! Game is perfect!!

  11. I said we have to consider connection quality, meaning it could be a factor or it may not be.

  12. The movie was extremely boring. It got to the point where I was angry enough to walk out of the theater 2 hours in. There was just no life within Robert's performance. He's supposed to be a detective and a crime fighter, and yet he was inefficient in both of those roles. He just seemed to act like an angry emo kid with a little bit of martial arts knowledge.

  13. When I was a temporary cashier, a woman decided to bring tons of ice cream on the counter first so that it would melt. Also, I checked her car and I found her baby was still inside without anybody else in the vehicle. We called the police immediately and told the woman to get the baby out of the car. I don't know how she wasn't arrested, but the cops were very pissed off at her.

  14. And here I thought everyone hated Call of Duty. Shouldn't everyone be celebrating?

  15. Vanguard was a better game than MWII. Sure, the lobbies were too clustered, zombies sucked, and certain perks/weapons were too OP. At least you can at least move faster and have a good chaotic match, which is more than I can say about Camper Warfare Poo.

  16. Late response, but most people didn't consider that the riot shield glitch was still going active at this time.

  17. If OJ was the Terminator, at least they would have only made two sequels.

  18. It's even worse when some of them clean chimneys without getting paid.

  19. That was one of the patents covered by the video that I mentioned.

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