1. California's legal Market is in shambles because they refused to protect small farmers and workers and were in favor of big Pharma and corporations. Their insane taxes and removing regulations promised to protect small farmers caused them to go BACK to the black market. That is exactly what is happening in NY. There is no profitable or easy in for those who are not rich, so they will just do what they've been doing. And god bless them.

  2. I’m going to run 4 hoping to get at least 2 females. I have the seed germinating in cups of water.

  3. while vegging takes few cuts and set them on a 12/12 light schedule. so you can see which ones are female and male before flipping to flower.

  4. Alright so you've decided my next project is hydro idgaf. I'm coming from organic living soil...What preventatives do you use to keep roots healthy? I have the remo lineup and calmag+ I'm sure I need a few more things. Thanks for your reply

  5. Plant limit makes sense though and it is not bad considering other states allow less than 6 at a time.

  6. true, I get what you are saying. But, it doesn't make sense for pheno hunting and breeding.

  7. I am not too familiar with pheno hunting and breeding. Can't that be done in a small scale of 12 plants?

  8. it definitely can be done with 12 plants, 100 percent. with more plants though you would be able to see more varieties, different phenos, and what not. it could save a lot of time or possibly make things easier.

  9. New grower here and really never looked up strains like that.

  10. Ok, listen. They told me they didn’t use any chemical fertilizers or fungicides or pesticides. That’s considered organic to me, and yes I know cannabis is federally illegal so it cannot be considered certified organic but I was just saying I like the fact that they grow without chemicals.

  11. usually organic cannabis is grown in living soil, or the no till living soil style, or even KNF. if they are using mineral based or salt based nutrients, which are synthetic then it wouldn't be organic. same with anything they are spraying on the plant, even if its for IPM( Integrated Pest Management). whatever they are using would have to be certified organic, non gmo, or all natural for it to be considered organic in my opinion.

  12. Yea I use paper towel too. It works for me so I just Stick with what I know. I keep it Wrapped up on top of my router and gives me near 100% success. Once you get the temp and moisture right it’s easy.

  13. same here except I put the paper towel in a zip lock on top of my cable box.

  14. Yeah so for instance, I had some that was at the end of the drying process. It got me well and high but it was harsh on the throat.

  15. Why don't you just make it real easy on yourself and use soil? Start your photperiod seedlings in happy frog, move them to one gallon pots of happy frog after 3 weeks, work on LST, then a month later transplant to 5 gallon pots of ocean forest and flip to flower. Then just top dress with ewc and dry amendments after 4weeks and you should be good until harvest. This is a rough outline, and some genetics may require more feeding depending on how they grow, but you'll have plenty of time to do more research as you get there. This is about as easy and hands off as you can get.

  16. what he said. there's tons of water only living soil recipes. I use Dr. earth dry amendments( can get them from ace hardware/ Home Depot) and just top dress once a month. only thing I have to keep an eye on is ph because it comes out my tap at 6, which is a little low for me. fox farm and dry amendments is nice and simple( or any other organic potting mix that's suited for growing.) its not hard to make your own soil as well. for me, keeping it simple works the best .

  17. Mostly ventilation & keeping temperature & humidity stable. I’ve seen some ppl saying you want a humidifier & dehumidifier. Just want make sure I have everything for proper climate control.

  18. I also find the ac in my house is enough to keep temperatures under 80 degrees Fahrenheit if that's any help.

  19. that what I do in Ny Since the weather can be extreme. one day it can be dry and the next day it could be really humid. I keep the humidifier in the tent and dehumidifier outside the tent to control the lung room

  20. I do indeed get the venom, but they already know and they don't care. The vast majority will never grow their own. Of those who do most will quit after the 1st attempt. Of those that continue it will take them years to get good at growing even passable cannabis.

  21. How are you liking your NASC purchases? I have been using Dr. Greenthumb for a few years and having more and more issues each year. I am thinking about switching up to NASC (mostly because they are local to me).

  22. I just want to start on autos. Just to get a hang of it. I could do photos though, I'm not adversed to the idea.

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