1. Walkabout is advertising that it is showing it on their website. You can book a table.

  2. I’ve never been as it’s not my scene, but Howl Bar players Rock/Metal.

  3. That would literally be ideal. I used to live in Withington so it’s a big loss for me not to be able to pop back over that way, have a drink in Dids, see friends who live there, etc. I wonder why they stopped that route.

  4. Which bit of Whalley Range? I live in Whalley Range and it’s easy to walk to Chorlton or Firswood and there’s the 85 or 86 that get you into town pretty quick.

  5. Well, it’s at least better than Leeds which doesn’t even have a tram.

  6. Experience is normally assessed through a presentation and some follow up questions at the start of the interview. You will still be asked behaviour based questions after that I think.

  7. They may ask you about specific things on the job advert, so instead of “give us an example of when you’ve delivered at pace” it could be “give us an example of when you have (something in the essential criteria)”.

  8. It sucks, but so many places have closed recently in Manchester, all the extra costs have to be paid somehow.

  9. I get that but nowhere else in town is charging £8 for a standard IPA. This is just profiteering.

  10. Job adverts always overstate how interesting and fast paced they are, and how much interaction you’ll have with ministers.

  11. I see the fan boys are down voting me for daring to not like a National record 😂

  12. Maybe some people have different tastes? Who would have thought?

  13. You seem to not understand how strikes work. Short term pain for long term gain.

  14. The point is to put pressure onto those in power to act, not crush those already under extreme pressure.

  15. Its not possible to 'catch' a Leeds game. Games sell out pretty much immediately

  16. Leeds are always away from home on the weekend of Leeds Fest anyway.

  17. Leeds United always play away from home the weekend of Leeds Fest.

  18. Any tips to get cheaper tickets from Manchester to London? I wanted to go early May and is around 150pp.

  19. You can often get cheap returns from Crewe to London if you’re willing to change train after manchester to crewe and maybe wait a bit for connections.

  20. Disappointed as they did blaze a bit of trail for Manc breweries (in my limited beer drinking knowledge) and I loved their branding. I have a question though - What’s with the continued social media posts and then closures a few days later? Alphabet were posting about new brewery tours 3 days ago and now they’ve closed. Same with Proof last week or so. They posted about being open for Brunch then closing a few days later. Any idea why they do this?

  21. I personally love them and the way these songs are going, I think I'll like this album more than my favorite, which is High Violet.

  22. There’s plenty of ‘stans’ who won’t have a bad word said about the National on this subreddit.

  23. Give it time. I wasn't particularly on board with most of 'em on first listen, but yesterday I was listening to them in (as close as possible to) the album context and I get the vision now and know it's gonna be fkn great. I'm pretty sure the record is gonna knock our socks off, even if a lot of us have been mixed on the lead-up.

  24. A great album doesn’t usually require you to really persevere to eventually like it. pretty much every other National album has been great from the first listen.

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