1. Diy, Costco oil and oem Honda filter for just around 25 bucks, I don’t think that can really be beat anywhere.

  2. I’d get it if I wanted another rsx. Just check for the common problems.

  3. Nice sound bro. How did you get past the clearance issue? I used to have PLM but I switched to skunk2

  4. Did your skunk not come with those brackets? I had to use those and whiteline swag bar locks for my spoon exhaust.

  5. From buying the car to where it’s at now, can you guess how much you put into it? I really like these but I know a lot of the bushings and whatever else needs replaced

  6. I can answer on my 06. Sat for 5-7 years. 500 tires, 200 brake rotor kit. Alignment 150. Fluid all around ~100. Clutch 200 roughly 15 hours of labor(free?). Runs great.

  7. Luckily I have this machine shop near me that does them for 20 a pop. Took both my cars LCA and knuckle for bushing and ball joint. Said he spent 2 hours on one poly bushing. Currently doing a swap on my friend 04, took his control arms there too. Told him if I don’t do the bushing on my car, I’m not going to struggle on your car. It’s so convenient because I can drop them off, come back to finish shit off and go back in an hour or two.

  8. I rolled them too tight once, my wife couldn’t help me so I drove with my right arm extended toward the passenger seat. Pulling up to the shop, an officer pops out, salutes and I’m like uh, rah sir but…. He gave it a go and couldn’t get my arm out. Took like 20 minutes and 3 marines to get this shit un fucked.

  9. Personally The only time I’d pay for a rebuild is if I’m wanting to go for a high HP all motor build. It’s cheaper to buy another a2 or a k24a/a2. With the A2, itll be a direct swap. Then you can sell yours for 500ish with knock. The k24, would also be a direct swap, however if you drive your car hard, I’d get kpro to tune it properly. For the clutch break in, I ran my k24 with everything stock just fine. Stock headers/ cat, intake manifold. Ecu.

  10. Can also not be it, I’m leaking and replace my solenoid, gaskets, valve cover gasket to no avail.

  11. Did you change your VCT gasket and the Vtec solenoid sensor O ring as well? Part Number 15845-RAA-A01 and 91319-PAA-A01

  12. I was told Rsx don’t have a maf sensor that it’s something else, and I replaced my o2 sensor not even a year ago and it gave a different code then the one I have now

  13. 05-06 added a decent amount of upgrades performance wise especially the 17 stock rims.

  14. Yea more modern compared to the 02-04, but if you know what an accord looked like in 2005, that’s exactly what I see. I’ve always wanted an 05-06 and always felt like I got the “cheaper” Rsx. Now that I do have an 06 model, I appreciate and love my 02 more.

  15. so much wasted potential every time i see these cars parted out

  16. Lol, take it from him and fix it up. Lmk how much it cost more than just buying a clean title one

  17. At this price point buy coil overs and install them yourself. The place where I took my car to get aligned, specialize in performance/ track cars and quoted me 300 to build, and install coils for me. Then an alignment which I think is around 150-200. So I’d definitely shop around, or find a guy at the auto zone parking lot to do it for $50 and a 12 pack.

  18. Maybe, what cad do you have? AFAIK 05-06 doesn’t have any intakes that are carb legal

  19. I’ve seen it done before, you can also order a ac tuck kit.

  20. Yea, I get the small shit talk but if you’re personally attacking some on a personal level constantly. Get fucked.

  21. Say what you want about me, I’m the one dumb enough to enlist. But leave my wife and kid out of it, man.

  22. Not even that, he knows the recruit can’t really defend himself. So he’s just shit talking because he knows he can’t do shit about it.

  23. Personally don’t like kseries parts, got both my clutches off Rockauto and Amazon/ eBay. Exedy oem replacement. One car Is k24, FBO tuned and the clutch is still great. The other is a basically stock 06 typeS, no complaints. If you still have stock sway link, you’ll need an Alan wrench, for your flywheel, you’ll need a 12 point 12mm (I’m almost positive) socket. Red locktite. Torque wrench or a big gun to just send the bolts in.

  24. Because they sent me my post mount and exhaust manifold gasket together in a bag, the gasket got bent on the way here. I hit them up, and they were asking 21 questions about the bag itself, that was in the garbage bin already. They gave me such a hard time over like 20 dollars, that I ended up telling them to fuck them selves and took the lost myself.

  25. Just tickling your testicles, nice fine though, tsx with 1.5k miles is literally brand new

  26. You went from 1.5k miles to 100.5k miles….

  27. Not sure but I got extra if you need. Just pay shipping.

  28. I’m from Canada so the shipping cost prolly wouldnt be worth it lol but thanks anyway dude 🤙🤙

  29. Yea sorry couldn’t help. I have a buddy in Canada, let me ask him if he has any.

  30. Does it matter if it’s not when I’m braking and if it doesn’t matter what do I check for?

  31. Doesn’t matter, long story short. I took my wheel off, back on and it started shaking like crap. Not sure what happened but my caliper seemed to get damaged. Don’t recall what it was but look for any damage or warpage to the calipers. Make sure the wheels on put on correctly.

  32. There’s info floating around saying it can be dangerous with piston / valve clearances if you swap the K24 cams in from the TSX head. I have the TracTuff limiter in my VTC gear to limit it to 35 degrees, but my tuner suggested to let it have the full 50 degrees.

  33. I think it depends on which bottom end you use. K24a2 is for sure a direct swap jo issues. I think the a4 or z4 whatever might be a bit of an issue idk for sure

  34. What's the best way to get the parts needed for this? I have an '02 Type S, and I want to improve the low- end- power driving experience. Thanks!

  35. You have money to spend? If no use the head off your 02, if you do go for z1 head possibly locally or have it shipped to you. Me personally, I’d settle for the a2 head. You have everything you need with the a2 motor, oil pump, i reused mine, idk why I didn’t do this but I didn’t keep the 50 VTC.

  36. Are you turbo or making a lot of naturally aspirated power? If not, I would return it and get a stock size radiator. I have a mishimoto radiator and it never gets up to operating temperature, so the engine runs too cold (really bad). I had to put in an air dam to get it to warm up in 15 minutes.

  37. That’s weird, my 02 has a mishimoto to rad (car was rusted to shit so I replaced the entire engine bay) and never had any issues. Operating temps are the same between my 02( mishi rad and fans) and my other two stock rad rsxs.

  38. My 02 has full mishimoto cooling system and it takes a long time to warm up and stays pretty cold. I just wired a fan switch so I can keep them off when I need to.

  39. Whenever I start my 02 I just hold the rpm’s at 8k to warm up. Only takes 2 minutes.

  40. One thing no one is mentioning here is the cost to ship. Even for domestic shipping here in Japan, to ship a set of wheels is going to be more than the cost from Upgarage

  41. Upgarage can eat a nut. Apparently they don’t combine shipments anymore. Was trying to order two ballast and have to pay 45 shipping per, like why can’t you just put the other one inside with the first one and charge me 5 bucks more?

  42. Yea upgarage is lowkey scammy. Sold them an itr front lip for $60 and watch them sell it for $200

  43. You plan on bringing a car back? I knew a few people that brought back some nice cars when they got sent over there. I was thinking of reenlisting in hopes I’d get sent to Japan around 2026 but I decided I’d rather pay the shipping cost myself. I wouldn’t mind being in Japan but I’d be stuck in oki, smaller chance of finding dc5 parts.

  44. I have an oem rear A spec. I got it for like 200 a year ago, installed it and took it off because something was vibrating (wasn’t that) and never put it back on. Give me 100 for it and it’s yours. Located in SoCal.

  45. nahh that’s a steal i would 100% but i got an 03 so it wouldn’t fit 😢 thx for the offer thi

  46. It’s got a certain dialect it speaks in. I can tell immediately when I’m reading a LinkedIn or blog post by ChatGPT, and your teacher will eventually be able to also. It’s definitely interesting to get you started though!

  47. It does for sure, I was playing around with an assignment that I already finished. Don’t think most teachers at a CC would care enough though. like you said, to get a foundation started and to build from there would be solid.

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