1. David, right, with Michael Richards, Andy Kaufman, Melanie Chartoff, and Brandis Kemp at a taping of Fridays in 1981.

  2. Genuine question btw,. I really want to know what goes on in their minds, because I don't really see the point.

  3. Those look like wheels from a luggage conveyor. Maybe your suitcase had an accident while getting moved and it opened up and dumped onto the floor and when they picked up your stuff they accidentally grabbed a couple loose wheels on the floor.

  4. Audio rockbusters. Born slippy, etc. It grates on me ears and winds me right up.

  5. Did you know that in 1995, music reviewer Johnny Waller, age 40, died in a road accident.

  6. Maybe someone with the city telling the painting crew what colo(u)r to paint them? It looks due.

  7. Thanks. I’d expect each lamppost would have the tape on and only some of them do.

  8. I've been on sites where they don't try and tag everything, just enough of them so you understand what they want.

  9. A Scrubbing Bubbles knock-off toilet bowel cleaner? They used small disposable scrubbing pads that screwed into the bottom.

  10. I think the whole motorcycle angle was a nice tip of the hat to Hog Shots™.

  11. I think based on the other skewers that it’s not something turned on it’s side?

  12. Movies are the only mind-bending "substance" I use. You can sort of get lost in movies, almost like a trance like state. Like when Bilbo did his magical tricks in Tolkien times. And that's what we should be talking about, movies like The hobbit. Not Tims drug addictions and "doctor" Sans poisionous vapes or whatever

  13. Kind of sad you'll never know what's it like to have so many ideas in your head they come out your nose.

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