1. Honestly don't even see a reason for Buckeye Relief to continue Garlic Budder beyond the sneak peek trial when Garlic Breath 2.0 is their superior Garlic strain. Its just so much better in terms of potency and terpene content.

  2. No doubt. On that note, I'm debating posting any further reviews. Every time I do, the shit sells out the next day & there's no more left for me 😞

  3. Holy shit that’s gotta be 3%+ terps!

  4. Great trim work. Almost looks like a stock photo, got any photography tips for that?

  5. Was curious about this may have to pick it up next time I re up

  6. My thoughts -- better than Garlic Breath but extremely short duration effects so it's a toss up at the end of the day - she's a head ringer though fo sho, probably ideal for trying to fall back asleep

  7. I feel like a few strains are shorter lived like that. I have some Chem Fuego and it seems a little shorter lasting but still has good effects. I noticed mine had higher CBG and this does too I wander if the CBG has anything to do with the duration of effects. I guess for some people that maybe a benefit but I seem to smoke through some strains twice as fast and will have to start paying more attention to some of the other %s on the label.

  8. No doubt, the recent drop of Ancient Roots Project 007 & 0reoz was the weakest herb I've encountered since going legal. They should just press rosin as that's obvious the extent of their green thumb. That would be sic to have a company specializing in solely solventless extraction, it's common in the western markets.

  9. I heard they are supposed to start including them on the packaging this year. Hopefully, it's sooner rather than later.

  10. An actual picture of the product would have been lovely.

  11. I feel you - is there a way to add one to an existing post. I got it right here.

  12. Most likely came from the vault -- supply & demand, overstock/overproduction

  13. I wish the taste was more spicy, I got floral notes. The consistency was way off. Super dry crystals

  14. Heard. I was content w/my particular purchase for $25 & it wasn't dry. Personally, I'm excited to receive a sugar/batter inplace of a D & S as it's homogenized -- equal parts of dizzies & terps

  15. Those are 4 words lol. But yea, I'm going to be "that guy" from now on. Fuck it if they don't like it. It's literally their job. For the most part the budtenders are great and I have come to "know" and be friendly with a lot of them.

  16. Harvest of Beavercreek denied me because I had $20 rolled quarters

  17. Most likely, simply because the budtender knew they were going to be the one responsible for counting the drawer at closing time

  18. So, CO² extracted but winterized w/ethanol solvents -- Can anyone competent please elaborate ?

  19. This one is a sleeper it sucks they can't seem to figure out how to trim there bud. This one reminds me of classic OG kush

  20. Here's another fun fact: Pharmacy prescriptions have all decreased in legal states compared to non

  21. Look into B-caryophyllene -- The only terpene to fully bond w/the brain's CB2 receptor

  22. They are good. Both can be hit or miss.

  23. Lol. Galenas and Certified can be hit or miss. I like them both.

  24. Moxie is a concetrate company. Old school dabbers will know. Alot of use use to drive to michigan to grab. Was the first big name company to have high quality live resin. Their stuff from 15 years ago is better than the stuff on the medical market now. Imo. They are still out west if you ever go out that way try it. You will not be disappointed!

  25. They are still out west. Michigan closed. They had a dab tent at the michigan cannabis cup in 2016 or 2017. Freee dabs all day long. Lol. I dont even know on say black market. Their stuff was highly sought after. Not many people had even an ounces of it. Was traded amongst small groups.

  26. They most likely just told you it was Dumpster, although it wasn't the genuine Dumpstaphunk

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