Breaking News Discussion Part 2

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Gabby’s family statement after Brian was reported “missing” yesterday broke my heart. I imagine that must have felt wrong to them to hear the words “now they are looking for both Gabby and Brian”, as if the circumstances of them missing were the same, or something.

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  1. Good try but pivoting from the point does nothing to prove you right or me wrong lol

  2. Lmao why are you going so hard defending BL? Literally all your comments are coming to his defense, nothing about the tragic loss of gabby. There is a time and place to play devils advocate before it just starts to look...bad. People are brought in and questioned for far less everyday. You’re alternative theory’s are not as quirky as you think they are

  3. Because if there was evidence for him to be arrested, he would have been arrested. He has not been arrested. Therefore, you’re wrong. You’re fundamentally, constitutionally wrong.

  4. I think it is time for police to issue a statement demanding that Brian Laundrie make himself available to investigators, and if he fails to do so within 24 hours, then a warrant needs to be issued for his arrest.

  5. I think at minimum he needs to issue a statement in person to investigators. If he refuses to do that, then yes, he absolutely should be detained.

  6. And that’s not even considering that young women, especially vulnerable young pretty women, are going to be targeted For sexual trafficking. It’s a nasty cruel world and we have to be aware of these realities to remain safe ….

  7. Oh come on, don’t be intentionally naive. Young women are targeted for sexual trafficking. And a 100 lb girl can’t put up a fight like a 200 lb man, that’s simple physics.

  8. I’m going to be civil when I ask you this. It’s a GENUINE question. Are you one of those people that doesn’t care who goes to jail as long as there’s enough evidence so that it “could” be them. I’ve done a lot of questionable things in my life that may make me look guilty for things I had no part in. With your school of thought I would have been thrown in jail innocently on several occasions.

  9. Arresting/charging people for looking suspicious isn’t justice. You’re 100% correct. Arresting/charging people with evidence, physical or circumstantial, is justice. The cops just aren’t there yet and have to build the case. Patience is the key here! The system is working as intended. Justice is blind, not swift.

  10. If the lawyer and family truly don’t know where he is, that’s a good idea. That way they’re not impeding an investigation which is a criminal charge on its own isn’t it? If lawyer tells him that it’s going to be hard to sleep if he stays at home but doesn’t want to know if or when or where he’s going to leave to, the lawyer in turn can deny any causation or possible involvement in Brian going MIA

  11. No. Invoking their 5th amendment right is not a crime. More importantly, BL isn’t charged with any crime.

  12. There’s no evidence, circumstantial or physical, to connect him to any crime. All you can do is wait and let the police find the evidence. Fortunately for every American, you can’t get arrested on suspicion alone.

  13. Actually…no. Nearly half of all murders go unsolved. That’s a 50/50 chance of getting away with it.

  14. That’s not accurate- there’s a HUGE variation depending on what LE agency is investigating. Your odds of getting away with murder in Baltimore v San Jose, CA (my area, SJPD has a higher than average solve rate) are very different.

  15. I’m a big proponent of getting a lawyer immediately if ever even remotely connected to something possibly criminal. I took a forensic psychology class in college and know that far too many people are wrongly convicted.

  16. “Let me try and straighten this whole thing out with the cops” nah you’re getting 25 to life lmao. Shut up and don’t talk to the cops.

  17. "My fiancee is missing and I'm the last person who saw her. Let me lawyer up so I don't go to jail. I'm sure they'll find her alive at some point."

  18. Regardless of whether he committed a crime, he’s as innocent now as he ever will be, precisely because he has said nothing. Absolutely nothing. The moment he says anything, it can and will be held against him. Regardless of whether he is truly guilty or not. There is no conflating. There is nothing to conflate. You do not talk to police, regardless of circumstance.

  19. Oh believe if they can prove he killed her. He’s gonna get the book thrown at him for doing all of this. It’s gonna take time to get there unfortunately. I’m sure there is a lot we also aren’t aware of obviously too. But they also haven’t arrested him or determined he was a suspect. And they haven’t shifted from a missing persons case.

  20. You don’t get extra penalty/sentencing for this “behavior”, he’s not doing anything wrong, whether he’s guilty or innocent. It’s literally a constitutional right.

  21. Because you're innocent, want to find your girlfriend and want to be taken off of the persons of interest list.

  22. The 5th amendment literally exists to protect innocent people from getting convicted of a crime they didn’t do. No one should talk to police: innocent or guilty. Doesn’t matter. No exceptions.

  23. Well doesn’t that just say a lot about “the court of public opinion”, and further reiterates why we have a “court of law” to determine things instead.

  24. Article says they found 35 people in the rubble and only 2 had to be hospitalized so far. Let’s hope their luck continues. Crazy story.

  25. That’s 35 rescued from the building still standing, not the rubble. 51 people are unaccounted for, presumably entombed in the rubble.

  26. I’d stay home… don’t murder any grandmas by going out. Covid is still real people.

  27. It's outside, plenty of social distancing (of all the places I've been, I've been the most comfortable at MoBot), and get your shots.

  28. Ok but children are not yet vaccinated…stay inside. Our underserved communities are still struggling to get vaccinated too.

  29. My kids are back at in person school. The transmission rate to kids is almost non existent.

  30. Children are not yet vaccinated. Covid is still an imminent threat. Am I taking crazy pills? Why has everyone gone a full 180 before all groups are served the vaccine?

  31. Closing everything down is so last year. Get with the times.

  32. Well, considering some of the variants that are raging across the globe….I’d like to see who is right in 2 weeks.

  33. Under whose authority? Making such a rash decision to fully open at this point in the global pandemic is downright ridiculous. Covid is still a danger and children are not yet vaccinated. The long term effects are still a secondary threat, in addition to the obvious imminent threat of loss of life.

  34. Are these cyclists masked? The distancing seems a little…close for my comfort.

  35. Given the lack of vaccination rate In children, the parks should remain closed.

  36. They should stay closed. Opening up a new restaurant could easily generate crowds that are too large. We’re still in a global pandemic, people. If you absolutely must try this restaurant out, delivery is a safe option.

  37. Remember to stay socially distanced! The park is fun only if you wear a mask and keep your distance from other park goers.

  38. No, I don't think I will. You're free to do whatever you want, though

  39. Giving up on stopping covid is a bi partisan effort at this point. The biden admin couldn't even require it's own employees to get vaccinated, you think anything's gonna get better? If so, I think you have a lot to learn about human nature. People aren't going to inconvenience themselves unless you force them, and none of leaders had the will power to do it. Thos is the new normal, your individual actions are futile.

  40. That thinking is dangerous. That’s exactly what the trumpets have been saying since day 1 - and now every one is saying the same thing? Are we just all agreeing they’re right?

  41. All I see is a glimpse into a racist nightmare. This photo is racially problematic for obvious reasons.

  42. Those ice rink videos are hilariously debunked. You’r spouting off common industry sales pitch myths. Look for real life examples of pileups in these conditions for ACTUAL data otherwise. A flat ice rink while going 10 mph does not equal a banked/crested interstate. That obviously isn’t a linear translation to stopping distance at interstate speeds. It’s exponential....physics!

  43. Yep. Agreed. Otherwise the “billion dollar” snow tire industry would be paying out lawsuit after lawsuit for every pileup ever if they were seriously claimed to be as effective as some people think they are. Its not a magic “i win” button.

  44. I could have been injured much worse, but thankfully I had about 1.5 seconds to move slightly out of the way and prevent a head on collision (we hit headlight to headlight). I also picked a Subaru specifically for the exemplary safety ratings.

  45. Short offset head-on collisions such as yours are very often WORSE than direct head-on collisions. Crumple zones are drastically less effective and the path to YOU, the occupant, is much more direct.

  46. My landlord doesn't evict, this is in the lease agreement and has nothing to do with the moratorium. If renters experience a period of hardship, landlords just ask that the renters put in time doing work in the garden or taking care of the chickens/doing home improvement (all of which they're paid for and he takes 15% from the payment to cover rent). Its an amazing way of doing this that allows a fair exchange of labor while maintaining dignity of all parties.

  47. I dont think these kind of landlords are the ones who care about basic maintenance, let alone a garden or remodeing.

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