1. Your view is high level regarded. VXX is expected to fall by design. It is the reason why it is not recommended to be held long-term. Do not compare its historical prices to current ones and conclude that the market is complacent.

  2. OP said it was sitting at 200 for months... clearly not following the stock.

  3. Sure. That's why Tesla has lost 50% of their market value in the last 6 months because they are so good at staging cars and...not selling them.

  4. Wow I'm 12 because I disagree with you. That's your rebuttal? Weak and a weak ad hominem even. I was hoping you were intelligent enough to have a discussion but I guess not.

  5. In a sense like Google, but with reading in between the lines and analyzing its results as discussion with the human.

  6. You can probably look into edge computing with chatgpt. They have to release an api for it to work though and they havent yet. Right now you can do edge computing with googles AI so it will obviously be different but you wouldn't need the datacenter scale computational power to run it. And then you can transfer over the work from using googles api to chatgpt api.

  7. My advice is different than these guys. If you want to own property don't start with being a broker -- start with finding investors. Get 5 to 10 of them and buy one giant unit. Give yourself equity for setting it up. Then do another with more investors and even bigger. Hey guess what now you have a track record, then work with institutional investors, endowments, sovereign wealth funds.

  8. Ignoring how disingenuous this video is, I'd be surprised if a single 'gotcha' video ever changed anyone's mind. There are so many more legitimate ways to get the message across.

  9. There was that gotcha video with the guy from the documentary "Jinx". He denies killing everyone in the video interview but then admits it while still mic'd up. Now on trial for murder in two states, I think... all started as a gotcha video interview.

  10. For January or February or what month? Also when/how do you plan on rolling them?

  11. Imagine a world where you couldn't get a 30 year mortgage at 50 because the average lifespan is 77 years and you'll know why age is not a factor in these agreements.

  12. I know a guy legit in his 80s that just got a brand new 30 year mortgage. The system is eff'd up when an 18 year old person has a harder time getting a mortgage than an 80 year old.

  13. It’s illegal in most countries to discriminate in lending based on age…

  14. I'm fully aware thank you for reiterating the point I just made in my post.

  15. Just go through angie's list and/or get quotes before they start the work. Get multiple quotes until you find the price you want. This isn't fat related there are home improvement subs for this type of question.

  16. Why would you trade like this? It's easier to predict the vix is going down than up. So wait for it to spike and then short it. It's just a forier transform for money making.

  17. Just go to the secretary of state. Filing fees is like $125. Everyone has to go through the SoS. $700 - 125 = their profit for forming your llc.

  18. Randoms show that your marketing is working. Family shows that they care.

  19. Invoicing software, google sheets, and the wizards that made the api that loads all my data from one to the other.

  20. Any advice on how to land that first job without professional experience? I started teaching myself in April last year and just started applying in January. I haven’t been able to even get an interview

  21. Just change instructors/programs until you find one you like. My wife did a bootcamp and hated it. Hated it. I found a python course put out by IBM on coursera and she loved it. Went through like 9 different courses through IBM and then did some google/microsoft/amazon ones after. She now works at a sp500 corp.

  22. Someone put out an info graphic breaking down their revenue costs and profit. Their membership revenue was 2%. Total profit was 2.6% of revenue. Therefore profit on total sales minus membership fees is .6%; so, less than 1% profit margins. It's amazing how big they are on such margins.

  23. how much do you like the people? If you like them pay for stuff you want to do with them.

  24. "how much do you pay for the new guy ? No .. no good operator"

  25. good point...! would you share your preferred method of identifying market conditions? I guess it takes more than a 200 mavg ; ) I would assume you're referring to some method to differentiate between trending markets and ranging markets that move sideways?

  26. I don't think I'll have the altitude problem at only 450ft above sea level haha. But my bigger concern is whether the pump will be fighting itself sucking hot air from the house to heat the water for my in floor heating. Or are you suggesting to do a split system?

  27. The hybrid unit doesn't need to use the heat pump, it is just more efficient when it does. The other guy is saying they have backup heat in case the minisplit doesn't work as advertised. So theoretically you could get a mini split and a pellet stove.

  28. I recommend "law school for everyone" by the great courses but it goes over eveything not just business. They have some addons which were good. Corporate law and contracts ara must for business.

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