1. Clown suit makeup store devs should be put on the ADS bug until it’s fixed.

  2. It baffles me that people can not understand the difference between artists and programmers.

  3. But how so, battlefield always sold less than cod, it serves a different market too.

  4. Only if multiple people are working together. It is not a good weapon for infanterie play, so after the novelty wears of almost nobody will use it anyways. And if you complain about the whole team turning on you, what did you expect? When 5 or more players work together any AA weaponry will be enough to destroy helis, and you are not handycapping yourself with a mediocre primary weapon.

  5. Idk man i fly all the way to the air map borders and I’m still getting shot with it. Liz rockets were fine and imo fun cause they are possible to fake out and dodge if you’re good. This is just either getting knocked out of the heal, or shot out of the pilot seat

  6. I can see that getting plinked constantly can be annoying and balancing such a weapon is pretty hard. But i suspect that in one or two weeks, this will not be that much of an issue anymore, because one thing is for sure, it is a new toy and everybody wants to try it out. So maybe we should wait with the final judgement until the dust has settled.

  7. BF4 had this system where a heli would spin out of control on bad hits, there was also a tool to recover the aircraft when it was in this state.

  8. Can I introduce you to the old phrase "NEVER PLAY ON PATCH DAY!"

  9. I am playing with the same cpu and it works great most of the time, maybe during really big fights my frames drop a bit

  10. what settings ? i play on ultra and I mostly get fps drops on orbital (conquest 128)

  11. Oh okey, I mostly play on mid besides textures on ultra, but fps were always more important to me than eyecandy.

  12. Exactly, this is a massive nerf for offensive builds! My buddy Irish getting gutted early next year :(

  13. Getting gutted?? lol his trophy system is one of the strongest things in the game, even if you take away everything else

  14. It doesn't matter if he is already strong, he looses access to a lot of gadgets and abilities so yes gutted is the right term when speaking about OFFENSIVE capabilites.

  15. Looks interesting. Will there be an option to stop the camera doing the zoom in thing during a battle, where you're giving orders to a monster? A few seconds of watching it do that were enough to make me start feeling motion sickness.

  16. Yes I want to include an option to minimize camera sway for sure, maybe a static camera or only sliding, no rotations. This should help with motion sickness. Not sure tho if this will be included in the first demo tho

  17. Oh the other one is also from me, it was a prototype I made last year, the combat system was too convoluted tho, the project didn't go anywhere.

  18. Yeah sorry about that, English is not my first language, so I have already the folder path, I just want to use the steamworkshop . net code, to know how to the clouding myself.

  19. You do not have to call any code from within your program. If you have set up the path correctly in steamworks, steam will automatically check the folder after your game has been closed and sync/upload it to the steam cloud.

  20. i just wanted to stop using the Auto cloud, so that I can do better testing on my part.

  21. Oh okey I see, I don't think I can help you in that case

  22. They said from Gold to Gold. They have two bootleg copies of the same game and they're playing using a GBA.

  23. Yeah but this is the ribbonmaster sub, and you can't get these pokemon to a version that includes ribbons. why would they post here if this question doesn't concern ribbons.

  24. Hey OP please listen! Don't buy a low end CPU for battlefield, you will kick yourself later. I have a Ryzen 5 3600 and it works really smooth most of the time, maybe consider something in that category for a CPU heavy game like this even if you buy it used!

  25. okay i will consider on buying 3600 instead, But can you suggest the cheapest GPU that can run this game at 60FPS/1080p/100%dynamicRes/Low settings ?? sorry for my retarded grammar😂 Thanks for you typing effort

  26. So I did a little bit of research and without knowing your budget and location I would recommend the ryzen r5 5600x (it is basically the successor), seen at bestbuy

  27. It is so crazy, I sunk a lot of hours already into this game and I never encountered bugs like the floating war ships and skyscrapers or most of the other stuff.

  28. One of the best trailers I've seen here. Showing the evolution tree is inspired!

  29. Great answers! Try to see if you can communicate this in your marketing materials: all the cool features in the world don't matter if you can't communicate them to players when they're making the decision to buy :)

  30. You are right! I will keep that in mind for future trailers!

  31. It is so weird, I loved MW2019 but MW2 just feels so cheap in comparison. Altough I like the gunsmith on steroids, the maps, the gunplay etc is just not for me. So after playing around 10 hours I went back to bf 2042. The maps just feel less claustophobic and the matches are more interesting. If only bf had more fleshed out customization options and weapon specific camos to unlock.

  32. I actualy think ground war is the only good mode in MW2, 6v6 is boring and frustrating, but not nearly as good as any Battlefield though.

  33. I see what you mean and I really wanted to like it but it just doesn't work for me. Maybe some balancing patches will improve the experience a bit!

  34. You actually expect dice to get something about a firearm that is technically correct in this game with flying they/them specialists?

  35. Besides the xm8 and the weird russian bullpup from portal, not really.

  36. It looks awesome, the 2,5D is amazing. If you found time or someone to polish the monster design, your game could easily compete with some triple AAA projects, like game freak's ...

  37. I'm more excited for the A-91. That's one of my favourite battlefield weapons of all time.

  38. I always found it looks kinda ugly but it is pretty unique and a rare sight in games so thats cool.

  39. I like Angry Joe too, but he basically makes money with overly dramatic and angry (duh) reviews. So I would take him also with a grain of salt.

  40. Everybody who is talking big here has never actually worked on a project that consists entirely of spaghetti. Thats probably not her fault either, basic systems are almost never written from scratch when a new game comes around, senior engineers just overhaul it for every new project.

  41. Yeah I just mute the chat, in most games people don't play the objective anyways even with headset. My experiences so far were not that great even when playing over discord so playing as a lone wolf it is!

  42. Both, baby Spirits will be cute, the last evo stages should be "cool" and more mature looking. At the same time I want to keep them natural looking across the board. There will be some overhauls for the Spirits in the trailer, the designs are not completely final, these are mainly to get the feeling for how the Monsters will look in general.

  43. Unity, I have the most experience with it and some of the tools it provides are perfect for 2.5D games.

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