1. So Webman instead of multiman? Can Webman do PS2 or PS1 titles though?

  2. Btw MrMario's PS3 Webman tutorial only shows running the games from USB. How do I upload them to the hard drive?

  3. Open mmcm, then inster the disc. After that just press triangle on the game's icon in mmcm main menu and press "Copy", then select "dev_hdd0". After that you can boot the game from mmcm or from webMAN (webMAN requires you to update the games folder from it though)

  4. It's just to unlock the levels, I couldn't find an normal with all lvls unlocked so I just took an modded one with everything unlocked, and..

  5. if you want to mod GD on android, just use italianapkdownloader's menu.. it takes 2 minutes to find it. Also, if you have beaten all of them, why aren't you beating them again legit.

  6. seriously though; old versions had such vibrant color and atmosphere. shame it all went away somehow.

  7. No need to. You just put the .ISO into the ISO folder.

  8. "without glitches" there are literally zero glitches that give you the crown. You may be thinking of exploits or modding.

  9. ok, so? most of us don't use that shit store lmao

  10. What do you use and what type of things do you download from it? Im trying android out after 10 years with iphone and I didn't realize how good I had it with iphones lack of ads in their apps and most of the reviews on the playstore are fake as it's just a bunch of Indian names giving generic reviews.

  11. If you're going for mainstream apps, absolutely, you can stick with the play store. For everything else, either APK's online or downloaded from F-Droid

  12. I use Infinity. Open source so you're not getting spyware shit. Not sure if it is available for iOS tho

  13. This one does! I played it on PS4 yesterday (base game with no updates)

  14. i think he meant the barrier block, which was found in the tutorial for the versions equivalent to release 1.8

  15. It’s literally impossible to mod on console he isn’t a hacker he probably did the casino glitch

  16. Yes, the gameplay is unbalanced, but not to a crazy extent. (Beginning is medium demon-ish and everything else [except for the orb spam] is easy hard demon worthy.)

  17. italianapkdownloader's mod menu is the closest you can get to mhv7. Honestly a really good alternative.

  18. take a nine circles layout, and practice the wave part. I suggest using a startpos just before the drop and do normal mode runs. you can probably quit after you can reach the mini wave semi-consistently

  19. that "tight flying" is easy and the triple spike is also easy.

  20. make a 0.5 speed easy level where you only use ship, abuse glow objects and add invisible ramps everywhere to not let the player die. easy rate.

  21. They also have to work with Minecrafts old spaghetti code engine that notch wrote back in the day

  22. After nearly 9 years of Microsoft owning Mojang, you'd expect they would have already fixed the shit code.

  23. The time it would take to fix the code for java edition wouldn't be profitable, and technically, they already have with bedrock edition

  24. Making free updates is not profitable either. And as I said on another reply, that's assuming there even is "shit code" to begin with

  25. I would say, get whatever one you want. Timebombs are very easy to bypass.

  26. There is no skyrim in this image this is minecraft with a shoddy 2013 texture pack. There is still no joke here (jokes are meant to be comedic somehow and there is none)

  27. Holy shit are you seriously gonna resort to trolling just to get your point across? No. You did get the joke. Image of minecraft legacy edition, with the skyrim mashup pack, comment saying "woah it looks worse than I remember", my fellow, do you think anyone remembers Minecraft for being a game with "good" graphics? No you half-brained troglodyte, nobody does. Take the L and move on with your life.

  28. Lol I'm not reading that. There is no joke cry about it harder

  29. bro lack of oxygen while being on fire is actually a good thing for many reasons and yes we may not drown that easily anymore but drowning will still kill you with many reasons.

  30. How would "drowning" kill you? The only death cause while underwater would be potentially starving and dehydration, but even at that you'd take entire days to die.

  31. have u heard about liquid pressure mate? rising pressure as u go deeper combined with the already water filling your insides can be lethal and quite uncomfortable.

  32. That cause of death wouldn't be drowning, though.

  33. No you don't get it, it's a CLEVERCOMEBACK because it is an ad hominem against someone who doesn't share the same views as we do!

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