1. 10 episodes feels long, I think most of what happened could have fit into 8 episodes

  2. Idk but I recently watched an episode with Kim and her dad (it’s the one where Kim shows up with her son for those who might remember the episode number) and if I had to deal with them, I’d make the same face too. Her family was WILD. The fact that Rollins turned out like she did is actually a miracle.

  3. Or maybe the car ride home with Stabler leads to Noah getting attached to him? If Liv won't invite him over then maybe Noah will 😅

  4. I could totally see Noah asking “Mom, can Mr. Elliot come over again and eat dinner with us?” Or something like that- Noah might the key to this whole situation

  5. This is why I just mostly watch reruns on USA and ION and only show up on Thursday nights when a new episode looks promising. The empty squad room when Liv walked in shows how far things have fallen.

  6. This is it right here! Have them at least talk! I’m okay with no kissing, but have them in the same room talking and hashing out their issues.

  7. The family in Shameless makes Georgia look down right normal 😂

  8. Come get your masks everyone!!🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  9. My whole face has been painted since we saw that preview 2 weeks ago 🤡🤡🤡

  10. 9-1-1 if you want a show that comes up with the wildest plots and situations ever (we always joke and say the writers must pull disaster plots out of a hat and string them together for each episode) -stream on Hulu

  11. I second Little Fires Everywhere! Very similar themes to Ginny and Georgia but shorter and different vibes (and imo better written).

  12. I’d love to see this guy come back, I’m going to miss his banter with Rollins though

  13. And why are they so loud and sound so close?! I almost fell off my desk chair!

  14. It kinda scares me that people think Ginny is the problem. Ginny is a kid, her mother is an ADULT. Georgia makes decisions that straight up scar her kids and, at this point, she’s too old for her antics. Really interested to see season 3 and where Georgia’s character goes from here.

  15. I know people here ask this question all the time, but I’m going to repeat it: how the hell can such weak ass men be upheld as the “head and leaders” of the family?! Like if your husband can’t even see another woman in a bikini without going wild, how is he leading anything?!

  16. Thank you for saying this. I get really tired of the whole “women obgyns are inherently better” rhetoric I see on the internet. I want doctors who listen. It was a older male doctor who diagnosed my vuvlodynia and treated it after years of me telling women doctors about the pain and nothing being done.

  17. I'm just excited that Keke plays the sims

  18. I literally read this and said “Okay, but Keke plays the Sims?! EA, put her in a commercial already!”

  19. that meat looks fucking raw. and for someone who despises the idea of Black Lives Mattering, she sure does use a lot of AAVE😒

  20. I didn’t even notice her using “Okay, I see you” until you mentioned it 🤦🏾‍♀️. Crazy how people hate AAVE unless they think it’s cool or trendy.

  21. What makes people think Jesus would hit children though? Because if that was the case, why didn’t he box a couple of the disciplines for being mouthy or not being faithful enough? (or at least beat up Judas for his misdeeds)

  22. Strict (or emotionally abusive imo) equaled adults could have all the emotions but kids/teens better not dare show anything but happiness and joy. And yet, they wondered why kids were in a hurry to “be grown” or leave home 🙃🙄.

  23. Shit fucked me up to where I couldn't cry about anything. Feelings gave me anxiety. Then one day I broke mentally. Had so much emotions built up for so long I just started feeling all of them at once for a week or so. Started talking to a therapist, seeing a psych and it helped a lot. Now I am just figuring out it's okay to feel feelings and I'm 30.

  24. This is almost exactly what happened to me in college. Growing up, people used to say I’d go wild in college because my parents were so strict growing up. Well, I didn’t go wild, but I did suffer from drepression and anxiety once I realized how messed up my childhood was. Thank God for our on campus counseling services because without it, I probably wouldn’t have made it through. (Learned very quickly that you can make As and Bs and go to class everyday and still be depressed as hell.)

  25. In academia? Yes. Not everybody of course, but something about academia breeds big egos. Think about all the things students have to do to stay on their advisor/PI’s/Committee chair or members’ good side and the levels of exploitation students endure.

  26. Okay this is the thread that replies the way I wish the convo went down: “Damn tell me more about what has you feeling that way, let’s see if we can get you the help and support you need”

  27. A lot of parents didn’t have the emotional capacity for that type of response. I’m not saying they weren’t good people and didn’t work hard to take care of their kids, but the older I get, the more I recognize how emotionally stunted a lot of adults were when I was growing up (and some of them still are, even at ages 55+).

  28. Fuck this and anyone who supports these stores. The shelter is PACKED full of dogs who need a loving home and it will only cost you $75.

  29. And sometimes not even $75, there are plenty of times when shelters waive adoption fees!

  30. I don’t see this happening but even if it did, I would want Liv to have some closure with Elliot first. No use jumping into a new relationship with anyone until there’s some type of closure for her and Elliot.

  31. You’re an adult, so if you want to go out and date, do it. Be honest about your workload and schedule and carve out time to go out on dates and have fun.

  32. That is amazing, but what about the drama that your emotional self had to bear in those years?

  33. Not sure what “emotional drama” you’re referencing. I came into my program already in a committed relationship, just like 7 other people in my cohort, so dating or even being married while in a PhD isn’t that unusual. My motto is “The PhD doesn’t need to be your whole life and source of identity”- so making time for my relationship is something I consciously choose to do.

  34. I honestly don’t care as long as we see them in the same room, talking to each other, playing Connect Four with Noah…something…anything… any interaction would be nice.

  35. where is this ftom as it not svu credits in the liv and elliot

  36. Previews for the next episode on Jan.26th, look it up on YouTube for the whole clip

  37. Don’t be too quick to put on your clown makeup, y’all, over that promo! 🤣🤣🤣

  38. 😂 too late I’ve already painted my face 🤡 Watch… that scene will literally be Liv having a dream or something just to mess with the fans

  39. I'm not playing the game again until they fix this crap

  40. Not sure if it’s fixed but I’ve noticed that fears in my game stay around for about a day or two, then they disappear. Sometimes I have my sims discuss their fears with another sim to get rid of the fears, but a lot of times the fears just go away. Again, not sure if it’s a fix or not, but that’s what’s been happening in my game recently.

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