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  1. Love it! What’s the paint color? I think I just painted my bathroom accent wall this color!

  2. Gray mask, eggshell. It was a premixed one at Walmart

  3. Color is much nicer! Idk about only painting some of the drawers though.

  4. I was worried that too much color there would make it feel narrow? But it’s boring without a little color

  5. No it’s not a shame! I think more people should be encouraged to figure themselves out before going to college. There’s a lot of personality development in those few years after high school! People should feel free to explore that before making such a big decision.

  6. The creativity of other people always boggles me. I love this

  7. Looks more like cataracts to me. We all get them as long as we have had enough birthdays

  8. Apparently some plants can really help clean your air, like a tall snake plant. Super easy to care for

  9. I'm sorry, but I'm brazilian and I don't know how to translate. My dog had a similar thing and we let open only putting some silver spray, usually used on cows, which create a kind of silver coat.... I will try to find it online.

  10. Update: finally got ahold of my vet. He’s gonna see him in the morning. He told me to use Neosporin and cover it whatever what I can and get a donut.

  11. I was super sleepy at first and found no motivation to eat, although mine wasn’t this bad. But I started at 25mg first and then after 8 weeks went to 50mg so maybe that helped me? (Unless you did the same thing too). But yes the symptoms passed. I’m still a little sleepier than normal but my anxiety used to be so high that I couldn’t nap, and now I can. So that’s pleasant.

  12. Everyone says to start saving for retirement.. but I imagine most people don’t know where to start. Retirement plans offered through work is great if your job offers one, but I listened to this book called “The Simple Path to Wealth” and I found it super helpful. I recommended it to all of my friends. I want them all to be financially sound. Right now we are young and healthy and don’t have a lot of medical bills, but who knows what the future brings. Health and happiness are linked. Plus then if you grow old and don’t have a lot of medical bills then you can blow your money on your friends and family. I love buying stuff for them.

  13. I mean my sister in law got pretty serious pericarditis which is a known side effect of the vaccines. She was put on a beta blocker and ace inhibitor as a healthy 28yo. They didn’t want to give her steroids because she was pregnant and then breastfeeding.. so she just took a high dose of NSAIDs to keep inflammation down. 2 years later she had ventricular atrophy from the chronic inflammation but her cardiologist didn’t know what to expect because this is all so new. Her doctor, My brother and her actually weren’t sure if it would continue to get worse. They were exhausted from having their first kid and then on top of it she was just weak and exhausted in general because she had a low ejection fraction. She left the state to see another cardiologist and after 3 days of tests this cardiologist told her that he thinks the damage is stable and she will start recovering over the next few years. She’ll stay on beta blockers for a while.

  14. If I read this without the picture I would have assumed you have a green dog

  15. I can't figure out why student loan forgiveness is even a thing. If you take out a loan, you should repay it. I expect my child to repay his student loans, just as I spent years repaying mine. We don't expect handouts.

  16. Yes! Just finished my doctorate degree about a year ago. We had little money and undergrad education is actually not that expensive if you make knowledgeable choices on where you attend. Plus there is a lot of aid out there for those who need it, you just have to put in the effort of filling out the paperwork every ear.

  17. Lol because some dipshit high-school grad is in a great and informed position to make that kind of decision.

  18. Which is why we should stop pressuring dipshit high school grads to go to college. They should just live out in the world for a while, grow up, before being encouraged to make these big financial decisions. A lot of 18yo are mature enough to make this decision, a lot of others are not.

  19. On the opposite note.. I have heard the production of these batteries is harmful to the environment. They have to do a lot of digging to obtain materials used to make the batteries, and that digging consumes oil, producing greenhouse gases. And the more we deplete the source, the more we have to dig.. recycling would be a great solution for this.

  20. I asked a vet about this one time and her answer was this: if it’s someone who has heart disease or is on a strong blood thinner (like warfarin) for some reason, and their cat claws at them when playing, so their only choice is to either put the cat in a shelter or keep it in the happy home.. she will declaw the cat for them

  21. Hahaah. Well cats ARE the only wild animals that domesticated themselves. They realized all the cutesie stuff worked to their benefit. But hey, in the end I’m happy being trained if it means my cat is showing me love lol. Win win!

  22. I used a magic eraser. Not sure if it ruined the paint on a microscopic level or not since it’s pretty abrasive but it looked very clean when I was done

  23. She could have a bladder infection or a UTI. My cat will pee on the dog bed, the doormat and the couch if he has one. I would suggest taking your cat to the vet! If there is no infection your vet can also help you narrow things down if this is a behavioral issue. Good luck!

  24. Thank you! It had never occurred to me it might be a health problem

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