1. Sean Paul is top level pop artist. I'm hard pressed to think if he's ever missed, and anytime it's a hit it's an absolute banger

  2. It certainly got love during it's time but because of, well everything, Benoit's theme no longer really gets talked about. But imo that's still the best opening riff to any theme

  3. I was all aboard the Sami ending it train, but now I want a Sami murder at EC and Jey coming for Roman at mania.

  4. The story from the start really has been set for Jey to overcome Roman.


  6. It'd be huge but would rather not see that. Let Austin be the big draw underneath Reigns vs Cody to make that feel huge

  7. Need the Cowboys to get a chump TD somehow and win bc god damn it'd be hilarious to watch the Eagles play this

  8. Orton was considered a smooth in ring worker, which Cena never was. However, since 2015 Cena has been considered a great ring worker

  9. It's this sort of weird loop where he was relatively famous for SNL, but wasn't massively famous until he dates someone much more famous than himself. Then they break up and for some reason a legion of hot famous women used dating him to leverage their fame even more and then drop him when that purpose has been served, so it's an odd kind of circle.

  10. It's crazy that so many people just can't fathom the fact that he might just be a charming enough guy and that looks are not everything.

  11. Beings that Starks is currently being pushed huge in this feud with he's clearly still getting high positioning

  12. Everyone get in here, MJF cut a great serious promo which means we get to think he's fantastic again

  13. Not really. They're pretty rare and virtually every one gets met with "that was surprisingly good"

  14. Nah just a trios title match probably for Beach Break whenever that is.

  15. Is it just me or is jay lethal kind of underrated? Really enjoy his matches everytime he’s on.

  16. He was underrated on this sub when he first signed to AEW when he "wasn't being used". Then he got out on TV regularly and everyone started trying to say he wasn't good.

  17. Oh it very well could be. But if Dougie P goes full Dougie P with nothing to lose they may have a shot

  18. See How They Run was also one you could figure out before the reveal. It wasn't terribly subtle but it wasn't overtly in your face who did it but I was paying attention to what happened on screen and they show you through that who it is if you pay attention

  19. An individual's beliefs can be more complex than simply towing a party line.

  20. That's true but it's weird bc some of these completely juxtapose another

  21. ??? Darby's first run was awesome?? It started slow on defenses bc of the feud with Team Taz which was a great feud and then right after he defended week after week with bangers

  22. It was eventually. But the first two months the belt was not defended after he won it because of Team Taz shenanigans. Once 2022 started, then the run took off. Honestly, I think hurt the belt a bit because of the lack of defenses and people on here did complain about it.

  23. People also complained about Hangman's title reign being uneventful in the first month and a half despite that time including two of the best matches in AEW history so I don't really base much off the general opinion here

  24. Had some serious potential with the Elite Hunter gimmick. Then he lost to Gallows and was made to look like a chump.

  25. People are kidding themselves if they thought that had legs. Not every low-midcard wrestler has huge potential among the other genuine stars that are already having trouble getting consistently booked.

  26. We've gotten more than we could ever dream out of his return so I'm glad he's gotten to end it on such a high note. Hopefully the final send off is done well too

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