1. Ah, the elusive and rare fupa dog! See 'ow he comes outta hidin' like a joey leaving its mum fer the first time!

  2. I thought these were blood pressures at first and thought they're both pretty fucked

  3. It will be hard work, the only paramedic jobs that don't require a C1 will be progression type jobs, GP or HEMS ect, which you would need experience to get to.

  4. I shouldn't think so. I don't remember even being asked about this kind of thing, let alone tested for it.

  5. Wheelies are a cool car park trick, but I can't think of a single situation where they're needed on a trail. I've never been able to wheelie or manual properly, and it's never held me back on a trail before ...

  6. One of the producers, she passed a couple of weeks ago, so would have likely worked on this series

  7. I meant infamous QA mate. Yeah, I’ve heard of 8 hours but didn’t really believe that…

  8. Currently training in Portsmouth, I can absolutely vouch for 8h+ waits. I did 11 at Bournemouth once...

  9. Jesus Christ I'm glad I'm in the UK

  10. I found a new solo artist recently, Rudy Ayoub, that I've been enjoying a lot. Hire the Glyph and Mister C. are great! Not exactly recent releases but still awesome

  11. There's always the apprenticeship pathway. It can be relatively easy to get a Band 3 ECA job, then work up from there. In my (limited) experience, probably a third of the paramedics I have met worked their way up like this

  12. Primus sucks and I feel that the downvoters don't get it

  13. Littmann and MDF stethoscopes are the brands that get recommended most often. Both are available online and both made paeds specific stethoscopes.

  14. Best thing I did for my laptop set up was to spend £20 on a wireless mouse and keyboard bundle, and raise my laptop up to the right level using a stack of books. Should avoid you going down the monitor and accessories rabbit hole.

  15. As a complete outsider, what's the difference? I've got no complaints about my bog standard Logitech, I'm just curious.

  16. Work boots and PPE supplier called Our Soles

  17. I got C's, D's and E's at GCSE and never did any A-levels.

  18. How the hell do you find a summer job or even a job under 18? I’ve been looking for the last year (indeed,reed etc) and found nothing and I’m quite disenfranchised by it all.

  19. I had at job at 16, washing dishes in a kitchen. Most people I knew at that age who had a job got it through someone they knew.

  20. There's a JRCALC app that is arguably better than the book as it's updated more than once a year

  21. Probably a good idea to avoid giving or taking medical advice from strangers over the internet.

  22. The fact that you applied for the job, and performed well enough in the interview that you were offered it, says to me that you WANT the job. If you want/need a change and a step out of your comfort zone, then you should do that, it's one of the best ways to progress.

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