1. Any reason why Steam downloaded the entire preload again? I preloaded yesterday and today it just decided to delete all files and download them again. Looking at Steam forums I was not the only one.

  2. Do you know how you fixed it by chance? Same issue on my end unfortunately.

  3. I mean this is like saying "We are currently not working on a Marvel game" in 2016 after XCOM 2 released.

  4. The first thing I’d have done when I realized what was happening, would have get that cord out from between my legs

  5. This guy looks barely coherent. I don't think he realized much of anything.

  6. Different reviewers I assume. You can’t look at IGN’s (or any publication’s ) scores across different reviewers like that.

  7. What happened? What’s the catalysator

  8. ACG gave it a Rent (deep, deep sale in the video, Rent in OpenCritic). Honestly can’t remember the last time he gave something this score. This must be pretty mediocre if not outright bad.

  9. Forspoken really is forsaken right from the start. Its writing and story are bad enough but its combat just feels loose and never gets on track.

  10. I wonder what went wrong with the framerate on Endless Dungeon. Had to stop watching, so did it ever get better or cleared up? I thought NL had a decent PC.

  11. $XELA my dudes it’s pumping probably going to buy and hold for a bit tbh

  12. Let's say you want to shove some one into something first, all you see is the missing health on the health bar. You have no idea if a following attack will be able to finish off an enemy after the fact.

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