1. I really like J’s Creole Wings they have different flavor options.

  2. Just don't get the lemon pepper. They are inedibly salty.

  3. Like what's been mentioned, this is on AT&T and Cox. Whenever a pole gets busted, the power company comes to move the power lines to a new pole that they install. They are not allowed to move the equipment for other utilities. So they move their stuff and cut the top of the pole off.

  4. Who would I contact to apply pressure for a stub pole on my block? It isn’t looking this bad yet but the wood is pretty rotted and it has me worried.

  5. Not sure...maybe if you could get a number to one of the engineering offices? That's where my project originated.

  6. Buteco in Grant Park has more Brazilian small, street food style plates. Their live music events are great too... The samba nights always have big support from the Brazilian community.

  7. After being off so long, I'd bet the S&WB is treating it like a new service which would require permit and yada yada.

  8. Yea, not sure how they handle new services that don't involve modifications but for our renovation, we had to submit a riser diagram to S&WB via NOLA One Stop to get a permit, then had to get the work inspected by S&WB. They do not allow third party inspectors like you can get for the other trades.

  9. Related to this, back in the 1800s, Spring Hill was a resort-type community for the wealthy when they wanted to get away from the city. The original name for Old Shell Rd. was Spring Hill Shell Rd., because it was literally a road paved with ground oyster shells that led out of the city, up to Spring Hill.


  11. Yea, they rated south Florida for the first time earlier this year. They treated Miami, Orlando, and Tampa as one market.

  12. Tacos Para La Vida does a pop up at Pals on Tuesdays where they do their take on Taco Bell items, and they have hard shell tacos.

  13. You're about to start a civil war in this subreddit. I love their food but some dont. The food isn't that expensive and they support the community.

  14. It’s on the I-10 heading east, not 610. Just drove by going the opposite direction and thought it was an accident.

  15. Have they restarted their $1 oysters? They suspended it around the new year because of prices.

  16. Superior Seafood, but I can’t remember the details. 3pm-6pm maybe? Pretty sure it was 50¢ each.

  17. It's a beautiful day out! If you're looking for something to do, or a good free festival after others get too big or lose their way, come down to Armstrong Park! Perfect excuse to come hang in the quarter.

  18. Who is the guy, surely Common got his name?

  19. What about this que pasta?


  21. I saw their Instagram link but I ain't got no Instagram.

  22. Yea I would just pull up at Barrel Proof tonight. Their normal days there is Tuesday-Friday. Sometimes they do some one off things at other places, like they're doing something at R Bar Thursday.

  23. Yes. In the CBD where pedestrians have their own dedicated cycle, there are signals with the hand and walking guy. Other than that, the "wrong way" lights are there to signal for pedestrians.

  24. Q from We Suki Suki is back open as Qafe, in the same EAV location. She does Banh Mi during lunch time on weekdays

  25. Yes, I’ve seen the streetcars running down Loyola to the train station the last couple days. The one that goes there is the Riverfront route

  26. He was at Saint John yesterday afternoon. I popped in for a quick happy hour drink and him and family left out a few minutes afterwards

  27. Wait…since when? I rode it yesterday and it still stopped at Erato

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