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  1. thats true but doesn't really answer my question?

  2. there is no proof that there isn't a god or gods including gods other then the Jewish Christian and Muslim god so the logical thing to do is become an agnostic

  3. You are actually wrong. Babu Frik is actually one of, if not THE, Fan Favorite from TROS. It started as somewhat of a meme, but he is genuinely designed well and is quirky enough to be unique and memorable. It can still be thrown at the film as an insult, if your best character was one, that was initially hyped simply for the Memes and is super irrelevant otherwise.

  4. tbh i tried to forget everything about that movie as soon as I stopped watching so i had no idea who babu frik was.

  5. Elvis Presley is not dead!! that was a clone that died on the toilet!!

  6. i did it last year and gave out crushed hard candy

  7. 2JTJ 2X-7KPR 4-LOM 4A-7 5D6-RA-7 A71 Assassin Droid Admiral Ackbar Admiral Chiraneau Admiral Motti Admiral Piett Admiral Sarn Admiral Saul Karath Agrippa Aldrete Anakin Skywalker (Young) Ariq Joanson Arleil Schous Attichitcuk Aurra Sing Ayy Vida Babu Frick Bairdon Jace Baniss Keeg Barada Bene Bib Fortuna Biggs Darklighter BLX-5 Boba Fett Boelo Bom Vimdim Borsk Fey'lya BoShek Boss Nass Bossk Boushh Brainiac Brea & Senni Tonnika C-3PO Camie Loneozner Canderous Ordo Captain Raymus Antilles Captain Colton Captain Godherdt Captain "Jag" Jai'Galaar Captain Khurgee Captain Lennox Captain Lorth Needa Captain Panaka Captain Sarkli Captain Tarpals Captain Verrack Captain Yorr Captain Yutani Carth Onassi Cellheim Anujo Chewbacca Cin Drallig CLL-M2 Clone Trooper Phase I Clone Trooper Phase II Coleman Kcaj Colonel Feyn Gospic Colonel Wullf Yularen Commander Appo Commander Bacara Commander Bly Commander Cody Commander Daine Jir Commander Deviss Commander Faie Commander Gree Commander Keller Commander Neyo Commander Odd Ball Commander Praji Commander Thire Corporal Derdram Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus Dack Ralter Dansra Beezer Dark Trooper-Phase I Dark Trooper-Phase II Dark Trooper-Phase III Darth Bandon Darth Malak Darth Maul Darth Vader Dathcha Daultay Dofine Death Star Gunners Del Goren Delva Racine Dengar Derek "Hobbie" Klivian Diskret Stahn Doallyn Dr. Evazan Duke Teta E4 Baron Droid E522 Assassin Droid EG-4 Elyhek Rue Emperor Palpatine/ Darth Sidious Ensign Cariso Smadis Ensign Chad Hilse EV-9D9 FIII Footman Droid Fi-Ek Sirch Figrin Da'n G8-R3 Gailid Garindan General Carlist Rieekan General Crix Madine General Grievous General Jan Dodonna General Maximilian Veers General Pharl McQuarrie General Whorm Loathsom Graf Zapalo Grand Admiral Thrawn Grand Moff Willhuff Tarkin Greedo Han Solo Hat Lo Hela Brandes HK-47 Hol Okand Hugo Eckener IG-88 Imperial Royal Guard Jabba the Hutt Jango Fett Jar Jar Binks Jek Porkins John D. Branon Jon Vander J'oopi Shé Juhani K-3PO Kabe Kai Hudorra Karoly D'ulin Khaat Qiyn Knol Ven'nari Koth Melan Koyi Mateil Kylo Ren Labria Lak Sivrak Lando Calrissian LE-914 Lieutenant Arnet Lieutenant Lepira Lieutenant Pello Scrambas Lieutenant Shann Childsen Lobot Lufta Shif Luke Skywalker Lumas Etima Lumpawarrump Lunae Minx Mace Windu Major Panno Mallatobuck Mara Jade Mark I Assault Droid Master-Com Meeko Ghintee Mission Vao Momaw Nadon Mon Mothma Montross Moteé Muftak Nien Nunb Nute Gunray Obi-Wan Kenobi OOM-9 Owen Lars Padmé Amidala Plo Koon Ponda Baba Princess Leia Organa (Solo) QT-QC Queen Apailana Qui-Gon Jinn R-3PO R2-A5 R2-A6 R2-B1 R2-C4 R2-D2 R2-KT R2-L3 R2-M5 R2-Q2 R2-Q5 R2-R9 R2-T0 R2-X2 R3-A2 R3-T2 R3-T6 R3-T7 R4-A22 R4-E1 R4-F5 R4-H5 R4-I9 R4-J1 R4-K5 R4-M6 R4-M9 R5-D4 R5-J2 R5-M2 R5-X2 RHTC-560 Hunter Trainer Rune Haako Ryle Torsyn Salacious Crumb Sandtrooper Sarrissa Jeng Sayar Dun'La Scout Trooper Sel Maa Sergeant Fox Shada D'ukal Shayl Le’tah Sheltay Retrac Shmi Skywalker Sio Bibble Sith Trooper Snowtrooper Stormtrooper Supreme Chancellor Finis Swamptrooper Valorum T3-M4 TC-14 Tarados Gon Tas Kee Tessek Tundra Dowmeia U-3PO Ukchet Uutkik Vizam Watto Wedge Antillies Whie Malreaux Yarna D'al Gargan Yerka Mig Yoda Zaalbar Zuckuss

  8. i don't know why zelda can't speak and wears that hat all the time

  9. To clarify, do you mean you were diagnosed 11 years ago or that you are 11?

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