1. Yep, solo is definitely no easy task. Mad props to those who have done it flawless.

  2. I did it solo flawless with titan stasis to prove a point to my friend.

  3. How can i possibly beat his gaming chair?

  4. I believe it is said that Minoto is a great artist but when she draws her and her sister she draws Hinoa beautiful while drawing herself to be the complete opposite as to not take away from her sister's beauty.

  5. Remove the fries and It's just a cheese filled corndog.

  6. I almost feel like that’s disrespectful to her though. Like yes she’s been on some really popular banners for sure but if you really wanted her rather than just “idk she’d be cool to have”, you’d pull for her even if she was near or on a good banner, you know?

  7. I got her when she was sandwiched between a Kazuha rerun and Sumeru's release. Ended up getting Kazuha and Yoimiya and was broke on primos for most of release Sumeru.

  8. Honestly, take the sliced cheese out and melt the shredded as you toast it and maybe add in some rice and you got yourself a pretty nifty burrito/mexican hot pocket

  9. And to those of you saying “whO cAreS ABouT eMbLemS?!?”

  10. It stopped once I got a MOTW emblem. Biggest flex in all my raid groups.

  11. Larry is done being an execution dummy. He will now take his Revenge.

  12. The knight that you perform every execution on when viewing them from the customization menu without remorse.

  13. Bruh I hadn't sniped since the LDR days of Destiny 1 and after getting a Defiance of Yasmin from the raid in D2 I can firmly say that sniping is super easy and forgiving.

  14. You fool. You have only hastened his disdain for Scouts.

  15. As a titan main. Yeah I did. Because I wanna be a gundam.

  16. Being able to have increased grenade recharge when you have an overshield without the use of bastion allows for some nifty shenanigans. Controlled Demolition and Offensive Bulwark means many nades if you have the Duality smg with demo and repulsor

  17. I believe the name Stay-C was coined a while back by someone who asked the same question.

  18. Forward dodge heavy if you see someone rolling away. 9/10 times they can't get their block up in time to defend against it. A lot of characters have access to a forward dodge attack for this scenario to the point where those that don't really struggle roll catching.

  19. I feel like Season of the Drama is a fitting name. Feels like every week there's something new the community is up in arms about.

  20. Actium War Rig Titan exotic chest. Constantly reloads your Autos and LMGs over time: you can fire for 30 without reloading.

  21. Also walking over an ammo brick fully reloads the gun.

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