1. The sack of shit called UFC just keeps getting fuller.

  2. Yeah, staging pics for internet points is tiring work.

  3. Was this real beef or some soy/beef extruded thing like the McRib?

  4. Here’s the issue, there’s a problem with the “Descale” program in the unit. The first run at descale does what the OP notes, it will drain the unit without noting that it needs water. Once it is out of water the physical thermal switch that powers the in-line heater “trips”. The only fix is to disassemble the unit (not for the faint at heart) and push the disk on the switch back to the normal position with a paper clip. Once this is done you can run the Descale process again, and surprisingly, it works as advertised. The next time the Descale notification comes on it acts like the first time, tries to drain the unit of water without notification; I’m too smart for that this time; big fat shame on you Keurig, you haven’t figured this out yet? I have a replacement in the attic.

  5. I followed this but can’t get the descale light to go off. My add water light never comes on also. Any ideas?

  6. Follow these instructions and see if it works - As a follow-up, I recently went through this cycle again with my original unit. Descale flashing text comes on… I go through the stated descale process, monitoring water level very close as not to overheat the thermal switch (which the unit tried to do)… turn off the unit when the water level is just under an inch… unplug the unit, wait a minute… plug in the unit… the Descale flashing text returns… restart the descale cycle and it performs as described in the manual.

  7. I tried that, even 3 tanks worth but it never changes.

  8. I sent for the instructions. They were absurdly complicated blue prints that required multiple vacuum engines. Needless to say that was the end of that.

  9. Were not most of the plans that were sold at that time? Build your own rocket ship and orbit the earth, plans only $1.25.

  10. This truck was unmarked, but had the red and blue hidden behind the sun strip. 4 AR's in the back seat and a .45 in the center console. Just caught me off guard with everything. The forest ranger trucks I look over must have a smaller budget, since they only roll around with a first aid kit in the back.

  11. Was it part of your work order to rifle around and take inventory of it's contents?

  12. Costco down quilt, kam snaps, place over the Magma. $30-50, 16oz.

  13. Nylofume alternatives? I have ripped 3 nylofume bags recently just putting/pulling my quilt back in/out. Is there anything more durable and similar weight?

  14. I went from compactor bag to nylofume to s2s airstream (1.8oz). it's an ounce heavier than nylofume, but so far seems more durable and serves as a pad inflator, pack liner, and pillow. as a pillow, it's not at all comfortable when fully inflated, but it's pretty comfortable with clothes inside with a tiny amount of air for cushioning, more so than a stuff sack with clothes. I use a buff as a pillow case. so this setup is lighter than a nylofume + pillow with the bonus of more easily inflating my pad and probably more durable than a nylofume

  15. For a few grams more you can double the capacity with the NB10000

  16. And that margin of “better” is probably canceled out by the REI warranty. While I don’t suggest anyone abuse the policy, one could buy that quilt, use it for a thru hike of the PCT, then return it for full value. Within a year of course. Hurts to know that warranty probably won’t be around forever. Lifetime has already been cut to the one year.

  17. Total scumbag move and the reason these companies abandon their return policies.

  18. Just had my Magma quilt out to 35f, breezy in a bivy that has a bit of airflow. It was sufficient to sleep. Not hot, not cold. I have had it many nights at 25-35 in a tent and it's a comfort 30f as rated for me. I am average temp. sleeper. I really enjoy this quilt. I got it for $163 on sale and got my wife one for around that price the next year. Can't beat that price.

  19. No need to handle any of the life out there, they have a hard enough time as it is.

  20. So the rest of us that take precautions now will have to pay the price per se…smh

  21. A bivy is to keep the bugs off and maybe help with some wind blockage. They work best with a tarp. The 'weatherproof' bivies are almost all somewhat poor at rain protection with being a condensation nightmare. Plus, do you want to be stuck on your back during long downpours, no where to store your gear? A lightweight bivy and tarp will be as light if not lighter with many more options for pitching.

  22. I'm just back from a ski tour and five days of phone tracks are showing up on my tablet and the website. I did have to go into Settings on my tablet and phone to refresh the last synced date.

  23. Mine finally went through. Took 2 days. Maybe their site or servers were very slow.

  24. " of the most storm worthy 1P tents on the market" With that narrow, high profile? I can't imagine it fantastic in really high winds.

  25. Have other people experienced this same thing either on arrival of a new quilt or over time like the other above poster? I don’t understand how they shipped a new item out like this. Seems like need a review of their quality control.

  26. I have heard to many EE quilt stories to make me never consider buying one.

  27. That little shit just left a bag of burning dog crap on your porch.

  28. The serving sizes and portions of a lot of the freeze-dried meals is absolute bullshit.

  29. I'll take some cheese and 2oz of macadamia nuts over that crap.

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