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  1. It was funny at first, but I’m getting scared that Elon really thinks that twitter is the last stitch holding together the fabric of society.

  2. Yeah, for the longest time I didn’t really think about how the pick affected the tone and just played with whatever I had around. Jazz III is great for very technical fast picking sections, but something more chunky sounds awesome with a bit more flex to it. Makes it sound very sharp and adds a nice bit of edge to cut through the mix

  3. It’s been cause to celebrate for a lot of this season then. We’ve had a ton of close losses

  4. I have other pairs of mixing-quality cans, and I also do not like my M50x set all that much. I find them distractingly boxxy in the mids. I know that I prefer open back drivers, so maybe I'm just very underadjusted to this style. I'm very curious to see what more experienced users have to say.

  5. Yeah, I have trouble getting good translations from my m50x’s. Vocals are too loud and low mids too scooped. As far as headphones go I’ve had way better results with my dt990’s

  6. P J’s Lager House & Nancy Whiskey , both have live music on weekends. Technically in Corktown

  7. PJ’s is awesome! Everyone is really nice and drinks are pretty cheap

  8. This stick has a very dominant musty note. Would not recommend for beginners

  9. I don’t have that plug-in, but compared to other companies, Waves plugins have been pretty CPU friendly, at least in my experience. Whether or not they are good, that’s a different story.

  10. Baking is like classical music while cooking is like jazz

  11. I fucking hate their animated scrolling web pages. They stutter and lag on every machine and you don’t got much information on the screen at any given time.

  12. They’re the same people who will say “what do you mean you don’t want kids, they’re such a blessing.” Misery loves company I suppose.

  13. I heard somewhere that a large reason for the lack of bass in a lot of 80’s music was also because of how cocaine affects your perception of sound, making bass feel stronger.

  14. That... sounds like bullshit. At least compared with the technical aspects. Maybe if I had made the list unreasonably long...

  15. That’s sounds wrong, but I don’t know enough about cocaine to dispute it

  16. I always go Whore It's not optimal but what's the point in making the game too easy. Also hard mode means can't just throw letters at it.

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