1. If you have girl problems I feel bad for you son. I have 99 problems but breaking packs aint one. #99 is my number.

  2. The one you really need is the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd PSP3000. Gaze upon its majestic beauty.

  3. Plus one is black/gold and another color. Wow. All of those are nice.

  4. Yeah i have the black and gold model, it's my favorite of all models

  5. That’s sweet! I bet it looks nice in person. Black and gold almost always goes well together:)

  6. That is exactly why I miss it. Fucking goldeneye. I’m going to have to buy one on OfferUp. I always look, they are always there! Enjoy man!

  7. Thanks. I can remember playing with friends and we’d hunt each other down haha. Good luck and lmk when you get one.

  8. Dang i had no idea. Thank you for that info. I just got a OLED switch

  9. If that’s $10, I hope you bought it. Lowest price on Discogs right now is $100.

  10. I’ve seen it go on eBay from $40 to $70 sometimes higher sometimes lower

  11. I thought hurricane season was over :) No really I’m glad opening day is here 🤘

  12. Still no winner. For the baseball & football give away i tried contacting those winners and never got responses. One of the accounts were super new. The basketball Ja Morant still no winner but someone guessed close, just one number off. I need to try and contact the winner

  13. Did anybody get it right yet ?

  14. Someone always says negative things about yadi. His tattoos or his personality. I think he’s an amazing person:)

  15. I also could throw in a gold refractor # ed/99 Bowman Chrome Cam Newton Rookie

  16. Man i hate this. I hope you get it back. It seems like everything is going crazy around this time of year.

  17. Couldn’t add a text post accompanying the image; but in short I picked up this Psp-2001 in hopes to CFW it for a friend. But unfortunately I’ve run into a bit of a dead end; it refuses to launch the 6.61 update file and just gets stuck on this screen. Forcing me to hard shut it down and boot it back up. I’ve tried holding down “Home, R, & Power.” Or turning it on without the battery in, or even “Home, select, start, triangle, square, and power.” Nothing can get it past this screen. I’ve heard of doing it via online if you can get a connect compatible with psp. But I lack any method or WiFi.

  18. I had the same problem. The only thing that worked for me.. was to leave them on charge and made sure they were both at a 100 percent charge

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