1. The non transformation build can be pretty strong

  2. Must have been pretty casual to only have 1 1520 playing since launch. No offense but I know new players starting september/october who have more progression.

  3. Depends how high his 1520+ is, some people funnel everything into their main

  4. First I didn't insulted Koreans. Im not saying that they are dumb or anything like that.

  5. A lot of people thought like you around launch and were pretty aggressive about it, now everyone uses x3 and x3+1 because its actually simpler than the alternatives.

  6. Deathblade has amazing synergy everyone wants.

  7. Chat log don't lie, imagine still trying to defend their buddy when clearly, he typed wrong the first time. If I was the one typing I would be fking embarrassed about it and just say my bad typo.

  8. Yea the guy who mistyped could have diffused the situation, what a worthless pos.

  9. I would do it even without the added stuff, supports are mega cheap to gear anyways. In fact I would even pay for the ticket.

  10. Some supports are just asleep at the wheel. I've experienced what you've experienced many times, bards that walk around for most of the fight instead of throwing out skills building meter.

  11. With that logic, without supports most of the raids don’t even start.. even if you have a prokel player.. no support no raid(unless you over gear)

  12. Fron looking at party finder there might actually be less prokel killers than supports lol

  13. There is many different ways to play PS.

  14. Nightmare is an outdated build, those people are just waiting for bigger changes before switching. There was a time not that long ago when a lot of ps skills weren't back attack. It's really not that hard back attacking with ps on smaller targets, I've only run into issues with large targets because I can't flip over them like I would on db or reaper and I need to walk a ton.

  15. It's not an outdated build. Those people are max or nearly max ilvl on KR so they don't lack the gold to switch to a 5x3+1 entropy PS, especially since it's a crit/swift build so it's very very cheap. It's simply preference. Entropy is a higher ceiling but if you can't reach it, which you can't in new raids that you are not familiar with, it's worse than the consistent nightmare build.

  16. They just don't think it's worth the effort at this point. No one recommends nightmare on inven anymore, the guy who made the pinned guide switched to entropy from nightmare this year. And sure nightmare is easier in prog but you're already used to the patterns by your second or third clear and you will be spending much much more time doing reclears.

  17. Just give clown a try its not that hard when you're 1500+.

  18. There was a lot of commitment from both sides in this story lmao

  19. I like working towards progressing my roster. Played since launch. I grinded a lot in other games, compared to that lost ark is so much easier and less mind numbing due to the variety. I can never go back to endlessly grinding procedurally generated dungeons again. Just thinking about greater rifts or something makes me nauseous.

  20. Pub life is best life. I just play this game like an arpg and treat everyone like npc's. Why stress yourself out with friends and statics when pubs can clear just fine? (And in a lot of cases even better because you can quickly trim deadweights)

  21. Like others mentioned, go a support heavy roster. This might just burn you out again though especially if you hate supporting.

  22. You were just buffed recently, I think this might be pilot issue.

  23. He should switch to an easier class or support

  24. That Looks perfect!! Lets Hope this one ist coming soon

  25. If I had to guess itll probably come out for lunar new years

  26. Gem split, tripods addition and a nerf to tankyness is what I think is fair in return for higher damage ceiling.

  27. They've had a whole year to work on this. Remember they changed the demon model for global launch and the new demon model actually came out fairly recently.

  28. I run exactly this build (with mass increase) and I run into mana issues if I do Deska without support. It is very mana hungry.

  29. Just eat mana food, you can craft a bunch for pretty cheap.

  30. Thanks alot. This is what I'm looking for in a build. I'm thinking Swiftness 5x3. Smoking copium atm that smile gate will buff class engravings that are often used as lvl 1.

  31. Yolade is a deathblade main and doesn't take the build seriously, I do not recommend following his guide for ps.

  32. Good text but i disagree on your point that you can't back attack on kakul saydon gate 2. G2 kuku is quite easy to back attack as long as you knownthe patterns. The small clown has some clear coreography on his attacks and it's easy to get behind him.

  33. I doubt you play a nonburst back attacker lol. I always mvp g1 and g3 but lose in g2 against hit master classes.

  34. PS isn't really piano, you unload your kit then walk around for a bit until cds come back up. Yes even for swiftness builds. Even as a ps main I would not recommend it yet. It is an old engraving that hasn't been touched in two years. Everyone thinks there will be a rework, but I'm not that hopeful it'll come any time soon or if ever.

  35. Pistoleer deadeye seems to be what you're looking for

  36. Do you understand that your previous investment sets up everything that follows? It's like saying:

  37. He said he "does not progress with one account" so I'm assuming he has a f2p account separate from his juiced acc.

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