1. Darn, was hoping to snag the Psyduck. Could we drop the Neos and just do the 5 Celebrations for $10 PWE?

  2. Whats the over/under on it getting eaten up at 7:16?

  3. Timmy's blubber is immune to arrows. This proves nothing.

  4. By them shutting down, does that mean it's users won't be able to use its software anymore? Because if they're just shutting down but hackers still use it then it's not a W for us.

  5. More proof he was murdered by feds and cloned into a fully functional, binary being.

  6. Only way life will change to "top of the world" status is MOASS.

  7. I also have superior and Kriketune I believe

  8. I just witnessed at least 6 driving infractions, so obviously, you are going to mess something up.

  9. No lights, speeding, no blinkers, overtaking on double yellow… I only saw 4. What’s the rest? I’m honestly curious.

  10. Reckless driving and damaging city property.

  11. On Ebay now for $420+... Sneaker game is depressing at times.

  12. So Covid is killing 132,714 people annually at that rate... We lose 10x the amount to cancer and heart disease every year. Let's find a cure for those.

  13. The point is we have a 'cure' for this one just half the country is too idiotic to get it.

  14. I'd like to see the statistics in reference to the deaths as to whom has had the vaccine and who hasn't. We shouldn't have to take a vaccine 4+ times a year, nor be fearful for something with this low of a death rate.

  15. Hey guys, what did I miss with this nvidia news here? I'm seeing a bunch of memes contradicting each other about 3000 being better than 4000 or 3000 is already dead. Can someone please fill me in.

  16. Matt Furlong was compensated only in stock and does not have a salary as it stands for now.

  17. Yes, but would you trade anything for them?

  18. I'd prefer Paypal honestly. I can knock it down to $45 for you if you want though?

  19. I have 2 - Pikachu V union boxes, 2- Pikachu Celebration Lunchbox tins, and 1- sylveon/Charizard Gamestop exclusive collection box

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