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  1. i said that was very funny and i know that you were not trying to be mean

  2. my god Michael looks like he's gonna moan "I like ennard" like in every "my Afton's met the stereotypical au"

  3. I think I saw this video recently it's like Mrs. Afton but their name is Clara saying "Noah" and yelling it the last time William drags Michael into his room and you hear like the most brutal sounds of a woman being beaten to death and then you see this

  4. abuse was actually discipline in that year,but neglection wasn’t.

  5. It is weird, but honestly way better than shipping him with Ennard or a missing child-

  6. Actually this AU is where William abuses Micheal and hits him while treating Elizebeth and CC like angels

  7. The narrator doesn't realize they're dead until they tip off the police cadaver dogs.

  8. Seems intriguing, but I didn’t quite get it, little help?

  9. The story was portrayed as in OP here (I) was waiting for the victim (she) but when he said victim,he meant victim to the monster.

  10. I’m not sure,I always thought children would wear comfortable clothes,I personally like oversized clothes haha, but anything else you;said was correct

  11. The grandma died and started haunting him and isn’t falling for the trick she taught him

  12. Oh,I love rule stories! And considering you already right stories amazingly,I’m sure you trying a different style will be awesome too!

  13. Maybe the best way to say that OP got hurt was something related to blood,as the danger here is the vampire

  14. thank you for the suggestion! i just thought of another creature, will use it in my next post :D

  15. This is a really good idea actually! You could expand it into a series of all the different creature!

  16. You know the worst part? The fact his siblings ship him with a robot. Imagine your siblings shipping you with a robot

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