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  1. y’all mad in here and i get that but the club was never beating faze regardless lmao

  2. I know he was sick but for some reason him bolting out of there is a hilarious pop off

  3. I predicted pioneers would make top 4. Probably one of my best takes

  4. commutator played very well given the situation. love to see his confidence and smiles. my goat

  5. Can't beleive you forgot the queso save in winter. IMO the best save in history.

  6. Daz saying "demo" at any time just plays that moment again in my head

  7. If V1 lose it’s going to be their fault. and V1 doesn’t often give us head scratchers so I’m like 99% sure they take it

  8. As bad a Dig looks it’s time to stop underrating Optic

  9. Optic will never stop feeling like a 6 mans team to me tho. Like no offense to the three of them, they’re all top notch, but they scraped and scrambled this team together in seemingly the least intentional way possible so I guess I’ll always underrate them. Glad to see they’re proving me wrong

  10. I know it's a world championship and they want global representation, but I just can't help but think how much tighter the wildcard would be if col and EG were in

  11. now live in exclusivity on the rlesport twitch channel : 30 minutes of nothing

  12. I mean you do have to feel bad for teams like EG and complexity but a world championship means a world championship

  13. When did this sub stop being shitpost funny meme sub

  14. Eh I'm happy with my saffron dune racer and TW yorebands

  15. I love how all the opponents fist bump like “yeah boys, good shit good shit” lol

  16. It's good for the mental and team atmosphere. I think more teams should be fistbumping after every goal, even if it's not theirs. Look at any professional volleyball team

  17. are we… going to see intentional throwing to not play furia?

  18. kcorp with the most wet fart goal of all time

  19. My way too early and hot hot take is appjack to NA, probably NRG

  20. yeah there's an issue with the screen capture app I used lol

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