1. A lot of what she said is true. Obese people are treated differently for sure, and it’s not ok.

  2. Bout to turn 40 and I think I’d be a good candidate for trt. What’s been your experience with side effects?

  3. This is false. If you buy on the day of the sale and don't purchase resale tickets you'll be fine. 150 dollars after fees would have been prime first 15 rows of floor seating in 2022. 200-500 dollars will get you vip and top 5 rows in most venues.

  4. “This is false” mmr mmr mmr… I wanted to buy tickets at the closest show this past year. It was near $300 a seat. Thanks for knowing every show.

  5. Why is no one beating the dogshit outta this guy?

  6. At least it wasn’t for her after he flipped out…

  7. What are you doing for exercise? It looks more like a body recomp than weight loss. Which in reality is the way to go. Recomp can take longer for visual results, but if you’re building muscle, it’ll stay more naturally.

  8. Unfortunately that is not a thing in Canada right now. 1500 is insanely low rent almost anywhere with work right now. Most places are going for 2k plus unless it's a 1 bedroom. Canada is a housing disaster.

  9. Same here in Maine, U.S.A. I live a 45 minute drive from work, costing me a small fortune in gas every month. But there’s no other option outside of paying $1,500-1,800 a month for a studio apt in town.

  10. I think OOP may be missing a few 0s in the cost.

  11. Definitely. A little 40 pack of fireworks for 4th of July here cost $800 so I can't imagine how much this giant firework truly cost

  12. Think this dude is getting triggered from some bullying about how he talked as a kid.

  13. I think it’s missing a few 0s in the cost.

  14. This is a perfect example of how a hate crime can be committed. JFC

  15. Sorry to say it, but she’s just not in to you.


  17. We used to throw these in back yard wars. When green they are heavy artillery especially shot from a sling shot. Parental disapproval was strong but not enough to destroy the munitions factory as it has beautiful fall foliage.

  18. Me and my brother messed each other up with the green ones.

  19. I miss that age. My son is now 9 going on 16. To mouth on this kid 🤦

  20. People that are being restrained or controlled to where they can't move and have an adrenaline dump have been saying that for years. Because it can feel that way to you. Anyone that has done some form of grappling and gone against someone that's much better than them while not being very experienced themselves would probably tell you that they felt at some point that breathing felt extremely difficult for them. That's in a very controlled setting to where you don't have the same natural fear of danger like when being arrested. So when emotions, adrenaline, etc. are all at an incredibly high level it's understandable that someone would potentially feel like they aren't getting enough oxygen and would state that they can't breathe.

  21. Bjj purple belt here. There is a huge difference between not being able to breath due to exerting yourself in training and this. Bad example.

  22. So when you were a beginner you never had anyone on top of you in side control with good shoulder pressure to where they felt twice as heavy as they actually were and breathing was difficult for you? I'm not talking about running at a huge oxygen deficit then struggling to catch your breath normally.

  23. Of course I’ve been in those positions, but it’s still not a good example. They weren’t applying direct pressure on his sternum. The only time they used extraordinary force is when he was biting the officer. They made damn sure not to slide a shin or knee on his back. This p.o.s. was clearly trying to make a scene and did a damn good job of it.

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