Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release body cam video of deadly beating

I can't help but look.

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  1. Pro Tip: no matter which one you get, be mindful of your chord hand. Don't use the grip you might have developed for acoustic performance. Practice using as light a hand as possible. You will be rewarded with longer sessions without strain or cramping, longer fret life and speedy graceful transitions.

  2. I'm not going to comment on your idea or your equipment. The simple answer is Yes, it can be done. I recommend you Google "a-b/y pedal" and buy one. I like loop-master.com, no affiliation. You may wind up wanting a boost pedal while using Y mode. Have fun, it's why we're here.

  3. The video is pretty dark to my older eyeballs, but from what I can make out they:

  4. Actually that "one guy" kept coming back and kicking him in the face and head each time. I'm not positive but it might have been the guy that got some mace in his eyes at the initial stop/beating.

  5. That's where I wound up. It's worth it even if you quit too late. The alternative is staring you in the face and from all I've heard and seen is a truly horrible way to go. You can do this and it is worth doing.

  6. I'd ask her to put a strong hand on her life and ease up a bit so that she could stay with us. She'd ignore me of course, but that's what I'd ask.

  7. That your brain is the last thing in your body to die. Scans of terminal patients who consented to be in the study showed intense activity at and after the point of clinical death, persisting for quite a surprising length of time. IIRC the activity is mostly in the areas associated with memory. Researchers postulated that the subjects may actually be recalling their life. But of course no one is sure. In any case, if you're aware at all when you go you're gonna wind up in there, alone, deaf, blind, insensate, a dying brain in a dead body and probably quite well aware of it. I think I read this lovely article in 2021 or 2022.

  8. Every time you fail you've been given a lesson. Take what you've learned and pick yourself up and keep walking. This week's lesson was a good one that almost every last one of us have had to learn. The part of your brain that is your addiction will say -anything- to you to try to get you to drink. And it sounds exactly like "you" when it says it. Learn to recognize that moment and know what is really talking. None of us can have "just a little" no matter what our drinking patterns look like.

  9. You're right. On one hand it feels like a long walk because you remember so much more now, but feels short too because you know it would take just a few short hours with Old Grandad, Jim Beam, Johnny Walker or even that slope-browed idiot Bud to be right back where you started. Stay strong my friend... Just keep starving the Monkey.

  10. For a good time, call 2x10 + 1x12 together. You'll get the clarity and tight top end of the 2x10 and the smooth low end of your favorite 1x12 together. This way lies satori.

  11. Same with rural parts of Florida. I met someone from northern rural FL one time and could not understand what in the world he was talking about.

  12. This. I was born in KY, mostly raised in the south and southwest as a child and thought I could at least basically understand any cracker I ran across until I met old Uncle Calvin from the panhandle who might as well have been speaking Etruscan. Then we came up here to NH which was a whole 'nother story. Hiwaiya! HafaBeeyah! Itzindacah,opendado-wa, itzondaflo-wa. AndthenCameeeYah! JeeeezumCrow! This was a rural lakes-region accent of the 60's, like the Boston cant but infantilized and opened up so consonants were almost impossible. Not everyone spoke like that but a lot of my neighbors did and were almost imposible to understand.

  13. I can't believe no one has mentioned Tottenham, what "Deaths Village" isn't hard enough for ya?

  14. The amp has a gain control, good enough for what I do. That board isn't very big so I use the space on the modulation effects that I do need.

  15. It's pleasant but very subtle, in fact I can leave the reverb control maxed out without getting washy at all.

  16. I guess the subtle reverb might be a Mesa trait, I see the same thing on my Express 5:50. Maybe a pedal is needed for mine, but I'll likely put it in the FX loop.

  17. I consider NA beer Voodoo, especially early in your process. I'm over two years and and still don't think it would be a good idea for me. I stick to lime soda water with various stuff thrown in like V8 Low Sodium or Guanabana or whatever. I'll drink pretty much any substitute that happenes to occur to me and see if I like it. But I'm worried what would happen if drank NA beer. I've heard that it's gotten a lot better and that there are some genuinely good tasting ones. That just makes me wary of them, because if I drink some I might be fooled a little bit but my Monkey certainly won't--- he's going to want his fix even more. I'll just keep him starved and weak, that's the way I like him. No ersatz-beer allowed. He talks loud enough sometimes as it is. I feel like fake beer would just be a small first step down the wrong road.

  18. Definitely ignore the people burbling about "Tree Streets". Some of those streets are literally miles long, encompassing many totally different neighborhoods.

  19. Nicholas Cage - a dissonant and sour note in every film he's ever made.

  20. Sometimes he can manage a sort of sweaty, overwrought male hysteria but it's not something I'd ever consider "entertaining".

  21. It takes about 6 months for your liver to dump all the accumulated toxins if you've been hitting it hard. During that time you might actually feel worse than better sometimes. It's worth it. Think about it... It took you a lot longer than that to get to where you wound up... It takes time to fully start recovering. Give yourself that time. It really is worth it even if the reward isn't as instant as would like it to be.

  22. OP's question is like asking a worm what fruit it thinks it has done an especially good job of ruining lately.

  23. Don't underestimate the value of your percussion skills - maintaining a constant tempo/BPM without a drummer to keep us steady is something many guitarists struggle with. I'll bet you can do it easily and it will serve you well anytime you perform with or without a drummer or click track.

  24. If I ever had to live in a house with people who treated my cutlery like this I'd build a nice little knife locker to mount on the wall, and if they wanted a knife, tell them they could go out and buy it and then destroy it themselves.

  25. I think this shit every day. I'm about to burn my lawn and then put salt in the dirt and then call it a day

  26. There was a house on a busy state road I'd pass by pretty often. It was surrounded by commercial small businesses like fuel delivery and agri-hardware stores. One day I passed by and saw he'd had gray pea gravel dumped all over where his grass had been. The next time I came by I saw he'd spray-painted the whole mess Green. I had this vision of the old fellow mumbling "That ought to shut her up" as he pushed the old lawn mower to the curb for the last time, with a sign that said "FREE".

  27. Realcalc by Quartic Software is an astoundingly good calculator. Infinity is a much better Reddit client than Reddits own offering.

  28. I'm in my 60s now so I've had time to meet more than a few very rich people and the biggest surprise I've gotten is how many of them are so obviously completely unhappy. As a poor person I must admit it's been something of a comfort.

  29. When you drive a taxi you meet all sorts from the mostly sane to the absolutely not, who have decided to get dressed and go out for whatever reason.

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