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  1. So they are using the dog to shoot the person, why not just shoot the person. First thing you kick the dog. Don't hate I'm just saying it's excessive force from the start. Bean bags with that flying should do it.

  2. I think they all lose everything that’s why no one is heading for the exits they literally can’t it’s not even an option at this point. Some could have survived a while ago but I have a feeling Ken threatened them all

  3. You're early... They gonna hit that $22.99 at 3:59 PM EST. Updated at probably 4:05 PM EST for us to go 😧

  4. This guy had flashbacks of eating ramen 🤭🤭

  5. I'm sick of all the hype over pennies. 40000% OR 🤐

  6. Your portfolio value should somewhat reflect the right price(or close). Share price itself is way behind.💎🙌

  7. That bitch got the skip like in Tekken. My go to from now on if I see a stance.

  8. Paid actor. Ukraine finished, for blackrock to move in and profit.

  9. I knew a Muslim guy that never ate pork but would for sure get wasted every weekend lol

  10. Killing something live without asking God for forgiveness seems worse than getting wasted sometimes. I'm a hypocrite.

  11. She really lolled after she knew she was fine. Classic.

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