Proudly representing my most detailed moon image after 3 years of practicing.(OC)

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  1. that model damn near 20 years old, that about all the use you are gonna get out of it now. You can't even get windows 10 on that one

  2. I have a half-dozen of those Optiplexes right now that have windows 10 activation. That model is 13 years old at the most, its tech specs PDF was published May 2010.

  3. It's a 760 Optiplex. I have one that's basically just for printing that I had planned on building into a fun budget gaming p.c.

  4. There's several generations that used the same case, from AMD 740 to core2 quad 3.0GHz Optiplex 780. Essentially, they didn't change until Sandy Bridge.

  5. The fasteners don't hold the load. Friction holds the load. The fastener clamps objects together so they can't slide apart.

  6. A year is still better than having a bad OEM battery the whole time

  7. Until it puffs up, cracks your screen, spontaneously catches on fire.

  8. After weekly shilling and spamming to sell products and break rules about posting social media links.

  9. This account is nothing but an ad to sell prints of ridiculous color moon pictures, fakery that rubes upvote the more preposterous it is, the same modus operandi as dozens of others that have done the same for a dozen years. The same picture was posted a week ago and removed by mods, the guy doesn't care.

  10. Couple days ago I posted my photo of Orion and Running man nebula on this sub and y'all loved it. So I improved on the last attempt by zooming in more and tracking better. Do you notice the difference? 😍

  11. Did you get booted right out that time also for posting images outside of Sunday UTC and using social media links?

  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinteresting/comments/5166qu/a_hot_wheels_vending_machine/

  13. If someone analyzed 2.5 million Amazon shopping accounts and discovered an anomaly that their formula indicates might be 245 accounts controlled by dolphins, but others don't even see any indication of any anomalous data, do I really need to keep looking for the rest of the dolphins?

  14. One of those accounts that takes your copyrighted material, only licensed to Reddit under exclusivity, and redistributes it as entertainment for their own monetization? That's called a DMCA takedown.

  15. I’ve always wondered the exact same thing! Absolutely mind boggling to consider.

  16. Visible to us and the hobbyist is not actually that distant or different in age. Visible to the eye is just smudges in the sky of the closest members of our local group of galaxies.

  17. There's lots of answers here, but what James Webb Space Telescope is doing is looking back in time. "Closer to the big bang" is "closer in time to the big bang" - observing light that has been traveling towards us for 90% the age of the universe, showing us how early (and very distant) objects appeared.

  18. Help a dad out? One of my 4 year olds asked for a telescope for Christmas. I know nothing about telescopes but I do want to foster a sense of exploration in them. What's a good telescope for a 4 year old kid, doesn't have to be fancy, but I do want one that actually works. Thank you!

  19. Comet is a very loose definition. The popular science is that a comet is a trans-Neptunian and Oort cloud object which can form a tail of dust from solar pressure and heating of volatiles, at some point of its known orbit where it briefly approaches the sun.

  20. The observable universe is actually 46 billion light years in any direction due to the ever accelerating expansion of space

  21. And yet every paper written about the observable universe describes it as having a 46.5 billion LY distance. Dont forget that a LY is a distance

  22. "Every paper"? There's not many observational papers that state what is several degrees of separation in theory from the actual observation. Instead we find a common observational language, such as the z=x of redshift. Theoretical papers, more interested in the

  23. This is an image largely made of fantasy by an independent photo compositor (the credits imply false association).

  24. TIL people can't see ultraviolet. What bees perceive as the color ultraviolet humans see as black. Red allows the identification of the red of oxyhemoglobin in blood to enhance the identification of meat and fresh predator kills that can have unharvested marrow treasure.

  25. There's my next album name. Unharvested marrow treasure

  26. It comes down to laws that allow business owners to basically steal the tip value as a reason to not pay the minimum wage.

  27. Another film that takes inspiration from the book is watermelon man, which features the rare example of Whiteface.

  28. Undercover Brother (2002) -> Our soul hero goes undercover as a mayonnaise-eating nerd, until he is ID'd and they send in "black man's kryptonite": a curvy white woman. You can tell whiteface was on the table for a while.

  29. Then why coloured girls? Because the lyrics fit?

  30. It's like that old saying, "You reap what the people you kidnapped and murdered sew."

  31. You can drill through and just run the cable through the hole or you can get fancy and terminate it in a faceplate.

  32. You cannot just drill through and run a permanent cable. That's like NEC code 101.

  33. A reason I've always heard was that they would use the lower fidelity inner tracks for the intro/outro part of a 1/2 hour show, where the quality wasn't as important.

  34. There's some that are hard to decipher why "inside-first" was used, but it was common enough that there are many more transcription discs labeled "Start Outside" (instead of that just being assumed). These are using 78-era technology but at 33, so the degradation and distortion is quite real. (LPs of 1949+ use a microgroove with a much smaller stylus tip)

  35. https://www.reddit.com/r/nottheonion/comments/za39zc/man_arrested_for_stealing_from_shop_with_cop_event/

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