1. Thanks 👍, I’ll try your tips, hopefully I don’t catch the plague

  2. Same way you make money as everyone else. Build and upgrade markets, roads, and harbors, and raise tax (remember it's per city) as much as you can without having to worry about public order. Don't build more troops than you can support.

  3. Alright i specified the country becuase in rome TW its different per faction and i didn't know if it was the same in M2

  4. A principio de este curso un chico con sudaderas de lobo y bastante pinta de psicópata afirmaba q era un psicópata diagnosticado q le gustaba matar animales y jugar juegos solo si eran de matará y q tenía armas en casa pq su padre era polo y tenía el permiso, dijo q hacíamos mucho ruido en clase y q un día nos iba a matar a todos con una escopeta en una funda de guitarra. De hecho hacía cosas extrañas, tiene una mochila llena de pesas y el pasamontañas del cod ghost. Al finsl parece q todo está bien, es muy majo👍

  5. Me pillaron clavandome tremenda paja en el baño de las chicas y me echaron una semana

  6. Portuguese is like a mixture of the three (sorry if this make you mad)

  7. lmao do you seriously believe porn is real and not just acting

  8. I'm not quit sure if that'd be even possible you'd need to ask someone who really knows, they probably aren't in this subreddit so I'd recommend the forums

  9. Eyyyyy muy buenas a todos, guapísimos, aquí evasor de impuestos777

  10. No like I've said to others I am not joking this is a real fantasy I have everyday. I am aware it is very unusual. Though, it seems like the only thing that might make me comfortable with my body. I've done some research, and have found countless others like me, They're people who identify as black etc. Their often made fun of on the internet which I don't think it's right. These people deserve to be heard.

  11. Every time I see this clip I can't tell wether he sniffs it or slurps it. Whichever one it is it's still gross.

  12. In Remaster or OG? Battle Difficulty for Campaign or New Battle? On phone or windwo

  13. Og and in a campaign I'm already doing i was told there's a sub menu in the game settings option but i cannot find it

  14. I have the original on one of my old home videos, I’ll try to dig it out.

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