1. In our last Session it works, after a cut with the saber... it was like resetting it.

  2. I started with 2nd Edition fantasy Orks. After a long break from 3rd to 6th Edition i started 40k Orks .

  3. This is washed playsand wich was used from my small son - with pieces of Kork ( ikea Kork table sets) wich got broken because my son played with 'em... so my whole army got that bases :) First mournfang brown, then grey from astrogranite - a wash and a highlight- done ... I had to change many bases because of the new base size of orks and koptaz - this was a fast & effektive way.

  4. The heat effect on the exhaust pipes! The individualized gears in the engine compartment! The drilled barrel on the grot gunner! You are a credit to orks everywhere

  5. Thx so much. 3 days of work... so many small details- my Ork army is a bit colourful because my idea of Orks are many mixed clans join'in da WAAAAGH!

  6. Get yourself scrapjetz , and Koptaz! Welcome to da Waaaagh!

  7. Dragstas are quiet good, too - perhaps think about 2 or 3 mek gunz. Very cheap in game points and depending on the Situation/ enemy they can hold one target and make a Tunnel to move for the jetz .

  8. Good Ork Model ! Where is the rest of the Waaagh?

  9. Orks iz best, an Orks know blue iz da lucky-est colour! You do you my friend, have fun wiv da beaky boyz.

  10. Das braucht mehr upvotes. Ansonsten auch Balkon gegenüber, Verraten, Wäre er echt oder im Taxi weinen von Kettcar

  11. Nun ich kenne einen Neo. Oder auch Mr. Anderson

  12. I got the SG Deadalus I-III, cause i am a stargate Fan.

  13. did something. And we are Orkplayers so we have to finish our waagh in Orktober!

  14. Rathausbrot! Alles andere sind Sonderwünsche.

  15. Warhammer 40k Codex: Orks. They can be used as Alternative models for GW ones. When painted, you can play them on the most tournaments ,too

  16. They are minis from i have some of them myself:)

  17. It took me way too long to paint anything since I started collecting orks, but slow progress is still a progress.

  18. I try to find enogh parts, aktually my pile of shame is too big ... and many Projekts to work on ..

  19. This is so awesome and inspiring, for real. What was the build process like?

  20. The Bar itself about 3-4 hours. And about 1h for the Hill, I used too much wood glue, so I had to grind off the resulting creases in the sand.

  21. Nice work ... I've got 1 built and painted ... another sitting in pieces still ... but I'm not sure it will get built.

  22. Yeah- i love Orks in General, so i have all units, even Codex dead ones. In addition i play mostly casual games.

  23. Ikea orks. They shoot PAX. SO THIS IS A HEAVY LOADOUT ! Waaagh!

  24. This really depends on wich playstyle you like ... Fast - More dakka More moshpit More big Maschines More armor Or a mix

  25. My current army is Guard. Lots of shooting, no melee, no real psykers.

  26. Heavy Metal Cover! + 1 armor (+2 but there will be Pogo, so additonal -1) +1 attack because of rock'n'Roll and + 2 Morale

  27. Nah, fuck that noise. The rules change so often now it's next to impossible to keep your army WYSIWYG and competitive. Just paint them however you want and play them however you want. At the end of the day it's a game, moving little toy soldiers around on a table.

  28. I think i will get it 4 Sure. PC gamer, enjoying the game, with a good Armada to play with... Most people got the lifetime in my fleet and no one seems to be sad about that . Even it is 150 EUR to spent- Otter games are more expensive, espacially in MMO sector.

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