1. I believe the orange ribbon on the challenges is just a hold over from when we used to have 20 challenges and only the 10 orange ribboned ones work for the event. Now that we have 10 total challenges, they are all available to the event each event week.

  2. So the game itself doesn't reflect this change, and I just spent my time playing and doing these Challenges in Lone Wolves...

  3. sigh I guess I'll be downloading Fortnite again.

  4. It's always been like this. Coupled with the Motion Sensor being absolutely useless, Halo Infinite, in my opinion, is one of the most frustrating Halo games. No footstep audio, and the Motion Sensor displays no information at all. Someone could be doing the Fortnite L dance behind my back and I wouldn't even know it.

  5. On the flip side, it's good for farming kills for weapon-specific Challenges. I started playing it like it's Slayer, and most other people seem to be doing this as well. Get your kill challenges done in here and call it a day.

  6. I was thinking about trying Last Epoch. I am a fan of D3, but it burns out really fast for me not to mention absolutely kills my wrist. Side note: controller support in D4 is smooth as butter.

  7. Is Diablo 3's controller support as good as Diablo 4's? I'm new to Diablo and I'm lowkey feening for more Diablo after the Diablo 4 Beta (temporarily) ended.

  8. I havent used controller in D3 specifically, but I have on D2R for both Switch and PC, but I dont think it works well for D2. Stuff like sorc tele is infinitely better using a mouse then a controller in D2. In D4, like D3, the movement abilities have a fixed distance so its easier to manage.

  9. So basically, if you're looking for good controller support and maybe even WASD or WASD-adjacent support, then Diablo 4 and Diablo Immortal are the only options?

  10. I remember I was worried that Guardian Ranks and Commendations would place us into boxes, and looks like that became a reality. I'll never care about them though. Place me in that, "look, it's a 6" box if you want, I truly don't care. It actually just makes my job easier because then I know what type of people to avoid.

  11. For god's sake please tell me the Mark VII items will be sold separately at some point? I don't want all this other atrocious shit.

  12. I have a 1070, but it's 8GB, but I have been seeing talk of people with 10-series cards with lower than 8GB having problems running the game. I would have to assume anything below 8GB is just not ideal, even though in all honesty an actual potato SHOULD be able to run Infinite. This is by no means a high fidelity game. Hell, in eSports it's common practice to even reduce the details of textures and stuff for better clarity and better performance.

  13. Very weird Dungeon talk from both the interviewer and the interviewees.

  14. I don't know what dungeons you were playing but or me they totally did not all look the same. There were a few similar ones but others that were very different.

  15. Poorly built game = barely functional game

  16. I thought I was the only one. Why isn’t anyone else talking about this?

  17. People are, but 343 aren't. The March 15th Update said it fixed loading issues on the Xbox consoles, but nothing was mentioned about PC specifically. And the icing on the cake is that I've definitely seen some people saying that loading issues are even still present on the Xbox consoles, and yet the @HaloSupport Twitter page hasn't even acknowledged the myriad of issues plaguing both systems since S3 started.


  19. Appreciate it! Link doesn't appear to be working though.

  20. Are you sure? I just tried on incognito and it worked. Try just clicking the dl button if the preview doesn't appear

  21. I got it working! Thank you! You're free to delete that link if you wish.

  22. God (or a being close to it) was Anu, a perfectly balanced being, but it wanted to remove the aspects of evil from its being to become the "perfectly good entity." Upon doing so the evil became Tathamet (satan..devil.. whatever) which was comprised of 7 heads. 3 larger heads (3 greater evils -Diablo Baal and Mephisto and 4 lesser heads (Andarial, Duriel, Belial and Asmodan.) The two beings fought for eons until they were both destroyed. Anu's body becoming the heavens (among other parts) and Tathamet became the burning hells. Anu's essence broke up into the Angels like Tyreal, Malthiel Inarius... Tathamet's head broke up into the different evils as listed.

  23. Interesting. And where does Lilith fit in all of this? Is her backstory different than what is said of her in the real world? Diablo 4 refers to her as the Daughter of Hatred, is that a literal title, as in she is the daughter of some other powerful being?

  24. Is the March 15th Update bugged, or is my Steam Client bugged?

  25. I'm having the same problem. It just happened 3 times in a row for me. Definitely a bugged update.

  26. I'm now seeing frequent posts about it, so yeah, definitely a bugged update. Hopefully Valve is aware.

  27. For armor i would want untill i got better boots. There is no infuse system like the one from destiny 2.


  29. Stupid that you need to own a game for a simple dark background. The game that A Deep Black is attached to is Arcane Raise, which has free Demo, would that by any chance count as owning it?

  30. Wasn't there a thing where if you don't exit Steam properly (for exemple, by turning off your pc while Steam is running), it will always run an update ?

  31. That is a thing yes, but Idk about OP but for me I've been having the March 15th Update pop up for me every day since March 15th, and I do in fact exit Steam properly.

  32. The Diablo 4 Beta and a Closed Playtest for a game that I'm not supposed to talk about that has to do with a certain 5-letter word of a classic video game franchise that's coming back both take place at the same time, and I'm looking forward to both games, and I currently have both of them downloaded on my PC, but realistically I can only play one of these games right now.

  33. I'm playing Diablo 4 as a first-time Diablo player, and during this past weekend I was only getting out of bed in the first place FOR Diablo 4. Shit, I ain't even gonna lie, I'm now thinking about trying out Diablo Immortal since Diablo 4's Beta has (temporarily) ended because lowkey I'm feening for more Diablo.

  34. 343 should open up an art museum, because honestly they have a real talent for making nothing out of something. Halo Infinite's Battle Passes and Event Passes are nothing but the meatiest nothing burgers. There's stuff there, but there's just no substance to any of it.

  35. Cool! What's the coating in the 4th picture? A Blue and White combo is what I've used in every Halo, and I feel like in Infinite the Oreo coating is about as close to that as I can get with how obnoxious 343 designed Infinite's customization.

  36. Zeta Sky, I got it on release. Forget what promotion it was for but I'm sure there's a code on eBay for it

  37. It probably isn't Cross Core though, is it?

  38. Why would you feel something about the world and characters if you haven’t encountered or heard of them before, and haven’t even played D4 story long enough to even form an emotional bond? Would you pick up the 4th book in a series and then expect to feel something for the world and characters by the first 2 chapters? This games story isn’t meant to be a standalone like all the final fantasy games, it’s a continuing story of course you won’t feel anything about the world if you’re jumping in at game number 4

  39. I say this because if it's my first time in the world of Diablo I should be intrigued. I should be intrigued by Lilith, Inarius, Sanctuary, Heaven, Hell, Demons, Angels, etc (which normally I am; I love any media about that stuff), but Diablo 4's presentation of it all is... boring. Lilith bores me.

  40. I know exactly what I'm talking about. I played the game all last year and only stoppped a few months ago. Once you have purchased everything, there is a shit load of activities to do.

  41. Lots to do if you're a new player, but none of it is meaningful in any way though.

  42. A simple solution would be to have a door/portal pop up when the boss dies. You can do any of the number of ways listed here to exit, it's not like it's hard to do these, I just think it's really weird that it works like this.

  43. The original Hayabusa armor could technically be considered the first fracture armor set.

  44. Sure, but it wasn't labeled any differently than the other armor sets because back then people didn't complain about a differently shaped armor set compared to the others. It's only now that a word like "Fracture" needs to be used to label it as something different in order to please the mental patients who uphold the laws of video game immersion to the highest degree.

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