1. Exactly this, the whole point of the laugh was to be bad haha, and the whole point of Topanga being stone cold in her scenes and cory being all animated is to show how different they were, it was great

  2. It was such a good start to their romance. Plus, this episode had Alan and Amy talking about Topanga in a way that establishes how long her and Corey have known eachother so it does a great job of laying the foundations that both Cory and Topanga bring up later in the show. I was glad this was touched on during the podcast.

  3. Never caught or thought of that for the parents, awesome catch!

  4. Maybe it will make Seton reflect on how he works on a sports talk show but constantly doesn't know what the hell he's talking about because he doesn't bother to watch the sports they cover.

  5. Don’t you dare undervalue Paulie’s knowledge for MAAC Football

  6. You mention quite a bit about biting the bullet and buying these tools that cost thousands of dollars. You also mention that your wife works a lot. SURELY you can pony up and put for a babysitter for a half day while you go visit

  7. It's just not in the cards to drive over 10 hours up and back, and my apologies for posting questions, there isn't another reddit for that as opposed to the masturbatory posts here of showing things the person made (not trying to be mean)

  8. I mean damn, I don't know how many times or other ways to express that it's not something I'd do...ever think about it not being something I'd even be comfortable doing? Funny thing is I called the store I used to go to if they had anyone interested in driving up here and the response was "yeah we don't do that, very weird" ...but honestly, I never saw a problem with asking questions...and I did learn something, stop asking stuff here and find somewhere else.

  9. You're just confused. Stay off the internet, wild lefties will convince you the best course of action is to chop off your boobs and take hormones.

  10. Yeah I wouldn’t consider a screwdriver as a strong need for a ferrule. The kit is probably just a generic basic tool handle that they can market for whatever purpose without altering the internals. If you were re-handling something like a spindle gouge you’d definitely want to use it. The other part of it is a lot of people really like the aesthetics of a ferrule even if it isn’t serving a purpose.

  11. Of course now the problem is I have five packs of these kits so now I have to figure out how to make the hole without it

  12. Craft Supplies USA has this one that doesn’t use a ferrule:

  13. Yeah I had it going really well and then my hole for the stuff was basically gone..why do I need a ferrule? Some of the kits don't have one..can I just use the kits I bought and just not use the ferrule or will it break?

  14. They’re not strictly necessary as long as the screwdriver is used for its intended purpose, but the minute someone tries to use one to pry something the likelihood of the handle breaking is greatly increased. Depending on the shape of the handle there may not be a ton of wood supporting the brass insert. The handle shape in the link I provided flares out where the ferrule would normally be to provide some additional support because of the lack of a ferrule.

  15. Ah so the old if you use it for its non intended use and breaks that's your fault haha, awesome gonna try one without it

  16. Using a propane heater in a garage is potentially more dangerous if you don't do things properly. Carbon monoxide is no joke.

  17. What about one of the electric heaters I could plug in? Any issues there? My garage is just freezing and even with a jacket on it's crazy cold haha

  18. Electric heater is preferable from a safety perspective. But it's also harder to get setup as you'd likely need a 220V unit which may mean running a new circuit. All depends on your electrical setup.

  19. That looks thin. First, are you sure it’s a bowl gouge and not a spindle gouge? Second what shape is the bevel? Third is it double beveled?

  20. On the handle itself it says 1/2 inch, and the set came with a cardboard card of what each one is and the only half inch one is the bowl gouge..I'd say the handle is more the heavy part. And I don't know how to answer your last question..but its bevel is a u shape..a very tight u

  21. This was sharpened by someone and now that I use it, is it too narrow? Because every time I try to use it is when I get the most chipping out and skipping.

  22. First thing I thought was please don’t give up! Soft pine I would expect it to fall apart. When you get a good piece of hardwood things will be different! Just try it. Find some black locust, oak, black walnut. All those are great turning for me. I also find the harder I push on something the more catches I get. I’ve bout wore my shoulders out already from the catches. It’s taught me to lighten up a bit. Also I have better luck with tenons. Make sure it’s dovetailed to match the jaws and that the jaws are almost closed around the tenon with hardly any gap left also don’t make the tenon to where it hits the base of the chuck. Jaws need to rest on the bottom of the bowl. I had a red cedar bowl blow apart in five pieces ones, sounded like a shotgun going off. Luckily I was out of the way, I lost one piece until I found it a month later. You’ve got this!

  23. I actually have a really nice piece of black walnut from my brother in law but it's only half an inch thick so I can't turn it

  24. Store bought pine is rough stuff to turn. It is prone to breaking like that because it is so soft. Dont give up on yourself every turner has made a funnel or two or three (when you hollow too deep and the bottom falls out).

  25. I jumped on and saw a bunch of firewood but it looked like just strips when I need squareish pieces for bowls

  26. Is the snow an add on or something because mine isn't showing snow

  27. Maybe I skimmed too much, but aren’t you saying your 2” Forstner doesn’t make a large enough mortise to fit your chuck jaws into?

  28. Yeah for some reason it fit snug on one random piece two months ago but now it didn't fit on this one or another piece even though I had the jaws fully closed...don't know why I got so confused haha

  29. I think I see why my answer didn’t make sense to you. I thought you were drilling with the Forstner on the lathe while connected to your lathe with a woodworm or faceplate. If you’re doing it off-lathe with a drill, my advice can be tossed out with a big Emily Latella “Never mind”.

  30. See i had it on the woodworm screw on my lathe in the chuck and used a chuck to drill it in turning little by little then I turned it around to stick it on the jaws and open the jaws to hold it but it didn't work.

  31. You're ruining the Office Space bit.

  32. That's it? If you had a million dollars, you'd do two chicks at the same time?

  33. Can I still return something if I don't have the original package?

  34. This was one of the weaknesses of the entire show. Other than Jim and Pam, who else had lasting relationship arcs? Dwight and Angela was ignored until his stupid idea of a spinoff didn't happen and then they shoehorned it in. Michael and Holly but let's be real that was partly because Carrell was leaving, and Phlob had barely anything outside of a marriage episode..tell me why we couldn't see andy become happy, or hell the idea Kevin had of him and Erin and her making him more mature would have been great.

  35. Why wouldn't pine be good for anything? I've made a few beer caddies out of it and they're good

  36. Wow, women deserve to take some time to themselves but that’s excessive in my mind. Then to guilt you over a single day of peace and quiet is a bit much. Your daughter is only 3, so likely won’t remember this thanksgiving (especially since they aren’t really about the kids in any way), so it seems like she just doesn’t want to be the sole parent during a holiday. I know my kids become a bit extra on big days with lots of family around, so that’s when I need my husband most to split the duties

  37. Son...and yeah honestly I've felt that way alot, the last time she had him just to herself she had a friend come with and he listened to the friend more..I know she doesn't regret him, but I think she just assumed it'd be just crafting and coloring type of stuff

  38. Sorry! Had daughter in my head, probably because my daughter just turned 4, so similar age. I’m sorry, that’s really tough! Not everyone is great with kids, but without spending time together, it won’t get any easier. He is lucky that you are there to support him

  39. I appreciate that..and what really sucks is he's asking for a baby brother or sister haha

  40. Sorry to break it to you but you're still a lesbian, your partner is still a biological woman but has gender dysphoria. You're not now straight. I'd dump her and find someone who doesn't have this kind of mental health issue.

  41. First of all rude much! Their BF is a HE not a SHE!! You can at least respect people pronouns and gender of their choosing, if you have a problem with it then don’t comment about it at all and 100% never call it a mental issue because it’s not, if someone feels like they’re in the wrong body/another gender then you should respect it and if you don’t then don’t say anything about it because it’s rude and overall disrespectful you don’t hear people calling you the wrong pronouns.

  42. That's like saying "I'm gay but love plowing women"...and their GIRLfriend is not a man...taking hormones doesn't make you a man, simple biology. And having your own pronouns is just narcissistic bs's what ya do..say her girlfriend dies in a fire and her skins gone but just the bones, and to identify the body they have to say male or female..what are they going to say? "Well he was a male with a woman body and no penis" a woman.

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