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  1. getting ahead on grade 12 courses is a really good idea. I will say that physics and chemistry without the math prerequisite will be challenging. Honestly, I'd go for it though, fast-tracked math and now I'm graduating a semester early.

  2. not all Irish and Dutch people have the same accent, if they even have a noticeable one

  3. it is actually very uncommon for irish and dutch people to have the same accent

  4. Finger prints on file early. Reminds me about the bullshit "furrys pee in kitty litter in classrooms" far right outrage machine was pushing, when actual truth of the story is that the kitty litter is in classrooms to act as an emergency toilet for kids hiding from active shooters.

  5. I believe it is actually part of a bodily fluids (or just regular fluids) clean up kit. If someone throws up, pees their pants, or is injured and starts bleeding it is really important to clean it up quickly before anyone else slips on it. In the case that F2 a school shooting it would be important to clean up so that everyone could safely evacuate

  6. Hi I had the same problem! Remove any brackets that you may have… those caused the problem for me. I think dashes are okay.

  7. that’s smart! I don’t have access to the upload yet (went to the payment screen and couldn’t get back) but I will try it once they process it, thank you for the advice!

  8. maybe compress the pdf, the file size could be too large

  9. haven't learned this yet but from what i memorized from RTK: gold/jewel ?

  10. I do at school and in stores on TTC etc. I do not find it very difficult, and it is a good way to not get sick, and to keep the norm in place for immunocompromised people. My view is that is too few people mask, then the people for whom covid is a death sentence may be pressured to not mask resulting in them getting sick or staying home to avoid disease. While I think it can help people on an individual level. it is also an act of soliderity.

  11. Oh, and how could I forget? Since Pokémon games are very kid friendly I could imagine that being kept as simple as possible too!

  12. just started playing shining pearl in japanese at my very low level. There was an option for kana or an option for kanji, you cannot switch later, I chose kana, because my kanji knowledge is very limited. I played through the first set up and tutorial part in 1 hour and 40 minutes, it took my brother 20 in English, so it is definitely doable with a translator or dictionary on hand, but get ready for it to take a long time

  13. I think the unacknowledged joke is that regina george got lebanese and lesbian mixed up, and that is why she thought Caplan's Character was lesbian

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