1. you think he isn't going to take the crazy pastel AI thing as far as he possibly can?

  2. Yeah this is taking way too long to be a goodbye forever. Plus slime girl is his new fetish so they're staying in.

  3. Perks: Champion of the Sun, Master of Karate, Friendship for Everyone

  4. I get it, but I'm still loving it. Particularly the bits of lore that keep getting added and built upon for the characters.

  5. Thank you! I remember it got a lot of hate when it came out but that episode is the hardest I've ever laughed.

  6. I enjoyed this one! Good punchline, decently realistic conversations - I can't complain.

  7. Damn guys, I mean I disagree with the opinion too but can't the guy have one?

  8. Yeah, I guess. It's tricky because sometimes downvote just means I disagree, and sometimes it means you're factually incorrect. And each subreddit uses them a little bit differently sometimes. Guess I got used to voting being used to punish?

  9. Either this, or dumping bp into a character they don't usually use and forgot to switch back in time

  10. There's a Scooby Doo version of Betrayal at house on the hill. Which is also a 1 vs many horror game where the lone player is trying to kill the others. They made it work by altering the game's premise and removing the violence/killing aspect while otherwise keeping the core gameplay the same.

  11. You understand the inherent differences between making a thematically different board game that's completely separate from the original and changing the entire gameplay structure of a multiplayer video game depending on which killer one player selects, right?

  12. Scourge hooks effects that are unique to each killer would actually be kind of fun. I remember reading that hooks used to have the characteristics of the killer in earlier versions of the game. They changed it since people would know who the killer was without seeing them just by looking at the hook.

  13. Which I can totally understand except for being able to tell if it's Plague, Freddy, Pig, Nemesis, Sadako, or Trapper without ever seeing the killer.

  14. As written it would be able to see nearby survivors which BBQ can't do, but otherwise yeah. Same but worse.

  15. Gotta hard disagree there. Especially since tricksters speed is slower

  16. Nemesis has one "projectile" that you can dodge. If you dodge a knife Trickster has 43 more.

  17. People need to get this idea of "dodging" out of their head, you aren't dodging it, the killer just missed because he wasn't patient. You literally cannot dodge a deathslinger projectile or a nemi strick, they literally happen faster then the human brain can comprehend. All your doing is doing random shit trying to guess when they're going to use it, and if they're bad or not patient then they miss, you didn't do anything, they just missed. Not once have I ever missed as nemi and didn't think to myself "why didn't I wait a second why did I rush that", not a single time.

  18. It's unnecessary semantics. If a killer misses a shot because you moved away from where they were aiming, it's essentially dodging. And insisting otherwise is being pedantic.

  19. Oh God I wish I remembered. My toxic trait is never saving or bookmarking any fic. That line just stuck with me as the rest faded away.

  20. Not shure if the incarnation of punishment (as far as i know his lore) can get tetanus

  21. I forgot to put mine I would say Daphne, Fleur, and Tonks.

  22. I think they just mean that less screen time for a certain character gives you more leeway to write your own interpretation of that character.

  23. Makes sense, I didn't make the connection from the word. Thanks

  24. Your body blocking could use some work, if the killer was better they could have gotten a down a couple more times, but you all got out so it was clearly good enough. Nice clip

  25. Not gunna lie I panicked lol. I’m lucky the killer and I both fumbled enough to where it worked in our favor

  26. Not really, the killer sets the rotation of a loop. All they have to do is start running counter clockwise and the survivor has to follow suit or get hit.

  27. Depending on where the loop is switching direction can give the survivor enough time to just fuck off and run to a different loop

  28. True, although not giving them a clear escape route is one of the things you should be picking your direction by. If you choose the right loop rotation, their "fuck off and run" will be into the edge of the map or a dead zone.

  29. Agreed, although I worry that too much more text would lose the efficient punch it has. I think wanting more is a sign of a really good compelling story.

  30. I think it's very easy to explain not working:

  31. More than that, she won't try it unless it's guaranteed to work. PtV doesn't just give you the odds like Dinah, it tells you the exact steps to take to achieve the outcome you want.

  32. But she couldn't rely on PtV for this, Scion is a blind spot.

  33. easy, just make it the bat who laughs

  34. Batman being in the game is obviously a joke but that would actually be pretty sick.

  35. Batman as a survivor would be the biggest example yet of a survivor who should be fighting back way more than they are. I think it would be immersion breaking to see Batman running scared from a guy with a knife.

  36. It's an accurate George quote. Unclench

  37. You're right, I was pretty much just jumping on the bandwagon of the downvotes you had at the time. Forgot he said that, my bad.

  38. Even if he didnt say it, it's true. But I digress. Classic George

  39. Kindred let you see the killer aura if its close to the hook, so after they hook someone you were used to see what direction the killer took. Now with that bubble you can't see the killer aura anymore if they left immediately, so kindred is less good

  40. The bubble has always been there. That's not a nerf or a new update.

  41. Man can you even read? The bubble now cover the auras, before it doesn't; I clearly say UNWILLING nerf, that means that i know it's not a Nerf but probably just a bug with the new update.

  42. Pretty sure the bubble has always obscured anything behind it.

  43. The sheer chaddery of running the perk makes every survivor immediately run to a hook and ask to die.

  44. They literally did. I had a whole essay reply typed out and decided it wasn't worth it. Insane take

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