1. Game's stuck on the loading screen after the update. Anyone else having the same issue?

  2. Why are you asking if it crashes or not? It's forced so you are going to have to update anyway if you want to keep playing. What are you going to do if it still crashes? Not update? Good luck with that.

  3. This could be the deciding factor on whether you play your battles or not anymore.

  4. I got matched with a rank 2 player with 600 CP mons in ULP last week when I was at around that rating too. I definitely felt bad for them.

  5. How important do you think having a high rank Tentacruel is? I have a Rank 58 but I could save a whole lot of dust and walking to power us a 10-14-13 Tentacruel instead. According to PVPoke the 10-14-13 loses Snorlax and Blaziken (Brave Bird) in the 2 shield but gains Venusaur and Empoleon due to having a higher attack stat. It does lose shadow Dragonite in the 1 shield and Kingdra / Toxicroak / Trev in 0 shield but if I use Tentacruel as a lead or SS I’m not sure if that will matter all too much.

  6. From my personal experience, if you want to run tenta just run whatever you can afford. I gained well over 500 elo running a 10/14/14 in just a few days, and let's just say that my starting point was already decently high (3190s). The better ranked one might be better in the long run, but if you have a team for it, even with questionable IVs it'll still be a beast nonetheless.

  7. If I were to speak about my personal experience? 10/10

  8. I think it's silly that Niantic has implemented a system that incentivizes tanking, and I would mildly prefer if those incentives were removed because it feels like I'm being punished for refusing to do it. But it's my own choice and I have nothing against the players who tank (except for those who abuse it to get unrealistic win streaks and then brag about it).

  9. I definitely agree that the best case scenario is for the game to not incentivize tanking as much as it does right now. The "how to do it" is probably the toughest challenge though. For example, if you just increase rewards based on effective rating (regardless of rank) it might create a situation where it feels that the "rich get richer", which would be unfortunate.

  10. Is there a way to know who invited you? I noticed I have the icon now, and would like to at least say thanks to whoever sent it to me

  11. Alignment is frequently used in two context:

  12. I don't think it's everyone, but it's common enough. I know I'm getting it too on android.

  13. Not surprised they don't acknowledge the massive performance issues a lot of players have been seeing, myself included. I wish this wasn't the case, but hopefully they'll address it ASAP.

  14. I don't even think it's primarily the servers this time around. Game performance itself is down bad after the latest update.

  15. Towards the end I ran mostly Skrelp-Swinub-Whimsicott in LJC

  16. What's wild to me is that Niantic managed to release the move update in tandem with the new in-game season (which works on local time) instead of the less nonsensical option of releasing them at the start of season 12 of GBL (global).

  17. I swear Stunfisk, Umbreon, Skarmory, etc would be better for the BB spot? But interesting. I have a 13,15,15 Talon best buddies that I use but it annoyed me that it too up the BB spot. Is it significantly better compared to the hundo Talon?

  18. BB talonflame looks overall worse imo. It can flip some match ups vs specific IV distributions (like Gira-O in the 1s and Walrein in the 2s) but it's not worth losing the mirror.

  19. I dropped from ~3200 to ~2600 the past week. I'd like to blame it on lack of sleep and running off-meta stuff (which wouldn't be so bad if people weren't leaning so hard into RPS team comps rn). Had my first positive day last night actually, so hopefully can make it back up soon enough.

  20. There are a few potentially relevant moves missing, mostly shadow punch (and less importantly sneak), as well as thunder punch, payback, outrage, and foul play.

  21. Hoping we get at least one of each from research (especially Buzzwole), because otherwise it'd remain a massive accessibility issue for PvP in the coming months/years.

  22. I've been running H-electrode, shadow Hippowdon (Fire Fang), and Froslass and it's been pretty fun so far, got to Legend with it yesterday too.

  23. I can't believe they finally fixed PvP /s

  24. Really great idea to do this and promote some global trading! /s

  25. Is it fine, though? No other game intentionally asks its playerbase to spend thousands on international travel to get stuff that might be part of what collectors want. If your game isn't region locked because of some form of copyright law, then there's absolutely no excuse.

  26. They could even increasd trsding cost by 50 or 100 percent for long distance trades and exclude regional Pokemon (I personally think regionals should not be obtainable from your couch. I would have even preferred not to get Torcoal during GO Fest). But events are still better than collectikg every regional in a single night. But trading with long distance friends would definitely be a good thing. You could get more camdy, work on your trading distance medal and obviously would be able to do your lucky trades with friends you may never be able to meet in person

  27. Regionals should stop being a thing altogether. Making them more accessible is only a good thing.

  28. I keep getting a bug where I when I swap a Pokémon my Pokémon doesn't attack for a couple seconds and it blows

  29. The bug I've noticed is that the first fast move after a swap sometimes doesn't display the animation, but damage/energy registers as usual.

  30. Encouraging community by allowing people to work together to extend community day?

  31. If these raids don't use up a pass we can start talking.

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