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Wanted to draw attention to this in the 10-K showing that GameStop cares for it's staff - "we have provided temporary assistance to more than 3,900 GameStop associates who have experienced unforeseen emergency or hardship, and more than $750,000 in scholarships"

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  1. How the fuck have you made me love this company more than I already do

  2. I wanted to engage in hype as much as anyone, but the hypers are missing an important point.

  3. The last paragraph of this is important as fuck, I would like to think I'm a critical thinker in general but can definitely concede that I've been a victim of letting emotion overcome logic on occasion.

  4. Don's of the streaming world 👀 Hate to think how many stitches I've gotten from being in fits of laughter over their content over the years

  5. Same, Justin in VR is the best..

  6. VR simulator and VR Chat from when they first started streaming the Oculus was brilliant. That one time when they managed to get the Jerry Curl player model 😭😭 Shame Chang got discontinued as a GTA RP character, I'd have those streams on repeat while high as fuck when I was in uni 😂

  7. News of fewer than 200k people owning 25% of a multi-billion dollar company has got me hyped AF - also petitioning for RATM to re-release this as “Gorilla Radio”

  8. Your final point nails it. No way we had 75k new accounts and slowed down.

  9. Was just about to say this! Very logical take on matters 👍 "Fugazi-FooGaaazi, it's a woozie it's a waaazie"

  10. I forget why, but I remembered zerohedge is sus. The guy in this screenshot is subtly pushing it.

  11. Fair! The chart is more my concern as it's real data that mirror's the DD from a year ago, the source to me isn't important as it's playing out as the DD said

  12. Dave should love that move honestly, he YOLO’d into real estate and went tits up before becoming a finance guru haha

  13. "You should cash out your GameStop investment, put it into a mutual fund. And work 8 jobs, leaving 4 hours a week for sleep"

  14. You're not gonna SEE the inside of a restaurant unless you're working there

  15. https://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=4ba2f5cc-0b27-4bd5-bb09-ed6222a3521f

  16. Thanks, yeah otherwise it would not be needed for the SNB to offer the support they are offering.

  17. Yeah my thoughts exactly ahaha, and all of the low key hints posted on here from the UBS/CS conference call...Was just curious to see the terms of the contract in writing after being questioned on it...I'm glad he did question it now because I gained a wrinkle from the extra reading 😂

  18. "While removal of the cancellation feature in Bullet LCDS eases pricing difficulties in Legacy LCDS, the “bullet” maturity creates a new issue relating to “successor” reference entity determinations. The “successor” provisions contained in Section 2.2 of the 2003 Credit Derivatives Definitions provide that CDS and Legacy LCDS contracts will migrate to a new reference entity if that entity “assumes or becomes liable for” certain debt obligations of the original reference entity. These provisions are intended to allow trades to follow deliverable obligations when the original reference entity’s debt obligations are transferred in connection with a merger or other corporate event."

  19. If they want to give me a discount on a company that is free cash flow positive, zero debt (apart from the French Government loan) and a diehard shareholder base, who am I to question that 🤷

  20. When this all started, I never expected to be in the "Clowning the fuck out of the banks during a financial collapse" part of this whole saga, but I'm all for it 😂

  21. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/ubs-chairman-on-credit-suisse-deal-we-hoped-this-day-would-not-come-202742162.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAGGFtUEHRhZnbLWN9_Zy2_MWftQt1B0A8mGhwptNyG4qlg8hPN6kOTwKdj9jUsP_lQt9VZamc44p4AhIChw0NMmqggN31XhFP2hWXeT5yHTCL3mJWRfUzhCRu4CSBNyQ_4rvyEp-k-PNdJkieFH-Nr-dJY8YOSR1yBVEZOV5bN2e

  22. Alan Johnson just hopped in his car and drove away

  23. The last Beamer out of Saigon, chance would be a fine thing for Ken

  24. Ken didn’t learn the business secrets of the pharaohs thus he was doomed to fail from the start

  25. Mark Crorigan may have even been able to teach him some decorum, he's an honourable man after all

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