1. This is why I can’t market on Reddit anymore. Having that many people see me nude for free just kills me inside. 😞

  2. auric beauty releasing a lip balm and charging $33 for 3 fucking grams of product.

  3. Every time I hear someone complain about 20%, I remember I used to work for 30% on Streamate. No platform paid more than 50% in the old age. 🥲

  4. Only time you should act sorry for him is when he pays you to behave that way (roleplay). Otherwise, leave your feelings at the door. Not your job to educate him financially or provide genuine comfort, even less to feel guilty. He’s a grown up man and you’re not his mom/partner/friend/savior!

  5. May I ask if you do gold shows on SM? Are those the ones found on sites? Or are your privates or exclusives also being recorded?

  6. Not OP, but yes, 99% will be gold shows. In all my years I came across maybe 2-3 pvt/exclusive recordings of mine.

  7. No, even those were recorded by LiveViolet or whatever affiliate SM has. I used to run exclusively gold shows and the internet was full of my clips. One thing that helps is having geo restrictions on, with that feature you can opt out from “promotion” and “marketing”. Thankfully, SM can help you take those down, just email Liz with the request.

  8. My rates are 7.99 for privates and 9.99 for exclusives. I wouldn’t go any lower.

  9. Similar! I was at $8 and $11. If I’ll ever come back on SM, I’ll do $10 and $15. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. Don’t justify yourself in front of them. Stand your ground and no further explanations. A price is a price! Custom porn is a luxury service. The more you try to change their minds, the more time you lose not getting paid.

  11. What you wrote is really inspiring for me and I definitely want to give it a try. I’m a little worried about the social media part of it though as I have remained anonymous to most of my fans on MFC so I wouldn’t want to cross paths with my family on socials. I’m trying to think of ways I can make this all work!

  12. You can be a no face creator. Have a look on all the big NSFW subreddits and you’ll find tons of creators that do it this way.

  13. Yes, if you keep them on separate phones with different SIM, emails and such, you won’t really have an issue. But to be safe, def block everyone you know after creating any account on social media.

  14. Yes, he doesn’t have to work for the FBI. He probably made that up just to scare you. He probably just took one of your pictures in reverse, google searched it.

  15. I think he’s bluffing. If he’s working for the FBI and she’s an UK citizen, no chance he has access to even basic information from a different country. Is not like the FBI keeps track of info for all the people on this planet, they do for USA citizens and felonies committed in the country.

  16. Most assistants ask for $30-40 per day to clear messages. See it if fits your budget! I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you have a substantial amount of subs.

  17. I wouldn't think about doing it now, but in the future maybe. Are there services I can use or is it just individuals

  18. Unpopular opinion, but that hate helped you get viral! More comments, more engagement, those metrics matter on Tiktok.

  19. Jokes on them 🤣! Social media can’t hurt me more than camming did in 10 years. I’ve been called every offensive word, so now I’m like: “is that your best insult?! booooring”.

  20. I wish they would have done something else with the shimmers, more representative for the franchise.

  21. Do you mean you kept emailing and asking for it to be reinstated and finally on the 6th time, someone did?

  22. Sadly...I did not. They said no because I had a third party link (my own website, not a linktree that then pointed to OF. It is against TOS to have any links that go to adult content.

  23. I’d still try. I was denied 6 times last time I lost my account. But yeah, having a link with OF on Tiktok goes under the “sexual solicitation” rule (IG has it also).

  24. Here I make at least 1 million views per day which is way more than I’d make on tiktok because it’s harder there, I make 50k a month and basically only use reddit so it’s not very true what you’re saying 😅 Edit: once you’ve gone viral on the same sub several times you can change subreddit and get new audience + on reddit you’re promoting your Onlyfans to men who are already jerking off and so more likely to spend money because they’re horny so for me it’s definitely the best way to promote my Of. If I only thought of myself I wouldn’t say anything cause scaring other girls out of reddit means less competition so if this was the intent great marketing strategy 😉

  25. But 99% of those men won’t pay for your content. I was reaching half of million with my top posts on Reddit and getting 30-50 people. If you’re cool with so many people enjoying it for free, then that’s your choice. It wasn’t for me, reason why I quit posting here. And I would rather make a stupid dance and get 1% conversion, than show nudes for even less money.

  26. When I grew my social media accounts. For me it meant I did something for my branding.

  27. There are so many posts like this in the sub right now. Inflation is extremely high in the US and people just don’t have disposable income right now so it has been slow for a lot of people. This summer especially has been one of the slowest for a ton of girls. Even girls who were previously in the top 1%.

  28. This! I’m reaching the same number of views on social media, but it’s def less people subbing than last month. I guess now with school starting and everything happening with money losing value, most of them are more reserved into spending for pleasure.

  29. Make an IG just to link it on Tiktok. I have 20+ IG accounts and 30+ Tiktok accounts. I link only my flopped IGs, never my good ones. I’m too scared of haters on Tiktok and I would rather grow my IGs organically.

  30. Thanks so much for sharing this! I'm sorry you had skin issues as well, but glad to hear they cleared up. You mentioned having dry skin all over your body and now that I think of it, my skin on my face/body has felt much more dry as well. Any tips on what helped you mitigate the skin issues after the dermatitis cleared up?

  31. I’ve mostly relied on Cerave to help me with it after. Cerave ointment has been bomb for this issue. My doc said this is def related to pills and should improve over time and she was right.

  32. I’ve had this issue. Got perioral dermatitis, which I never had and very dry skin on my body. I used Elidel until the flare up went away and that was it.

  33. I’d do at least $4/premium and $6 exclusive. Streamate used to be my main platform for years.

  34. I pay for Brandit and Rulta to handle my leaks, as I mostly promote on social media and don’t want people to find naked pics of me easily. I’m aware I won’t convert all and some won’t pay for my subscription regardless, but I feel better knowing I did all I could to maximize my efforts.

  35. Can you delist stuff they take off Twitter or Reddit?

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