1. You all are idiots... it's clearly a Mazda Corrolla STi RalliArt Black Edition

  2. I will never understand why Americans are so scared of their politicians. Why do you let these people destroy your country?

  3. Oh my god look at the camber on those chopsticks! And what is that, a chilli flake paint job? Splatter everywhere.

  4. It was on channel 420 for me, at the time I had no idea it was scientology, but after like 45 minutes of some really drawn out anti drug commercials, we were like what the hell are we watching?!

  5. With or without tacky add-on bullshit, it's still an ugly truck though. America forgot how to make pickup trucks and started making bricks on wheels with a bed, for $80K+.

  6. They're starting to infect Australia now. Fuckin Canyoneros behaving like a goddamn freight train.

  7. Julian he’s rocking your look heerrrrdd.

  8. A buddy of mine was trapped in a similar crash situation, but sadly lost his left leg and his left arm in hospital.

  9. I think an emergency lobotomy would take preference over snacks in this case.

  10. You are SO concerned about the boots that you think you gotta try && be cleverly insulting like that?? Well your shot missed, bud. You can try again, tho, I know your childish ass would like that

  11. Those weren't insults. They were facts. And I really am building an imbecile and I really want your brain.

  12. Literally if any YouTuber gets the idea to do this in a restaurant in the city.

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