Didn't know this was possible.

I needed this today

I can't help but look.

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

When a thing immediately combusts your brain. Gives %{coin_symbol}100 Coins to both the author and the community.

I'm in this with you.

An amazing showing.

  1. Wait I just realized I misunderstood the question lol I’m going to play the fuck out of this game

  2. Nah u answered correctly, OP completely misunderstood you

  3. Sorry maybe I'm a bit hung-up but what's a sex towel?

  4. To piggy back off the other guys answer, it's also for love under the red moon

  5. 500k bid no buyout, make sure to post it at prime time so it expires at prime time

  6. What time is prime time would you say btw? Ty

  7. I think 10pm server time is when player numbers peak in mmos, but the general range for most active times are 6pm to 11pm

  8. How much were u panicking between reading the "code red" text and getting the subsequent message?

  9. Imagine if this is your fetish but you didn't realize until seeing it, but now you'll never satisfy that fetish cuz where else are you gonna find shit like this

  10. It's 1am, I have meetings in the morning, what is happening

  11. This is what I came to say, that's the most impressive part

  12. Anon can find forgiveness, and care for the people who love him.

  13. Yeah in classic greentext fashion, I thought this was gonna end with the girl killing herself so she's not a burden anymore and op realizing too late

  14. Maybe instead of banning tik tok they should put Data privacy laws in place. So much money being made off our information.

  15. No cuz the government and intelligence agencies want access to user data, they just don't want foreign countries to

  16. I feel like details are missing, how many people and what ages for an entire dozen to go missing overnight

  17. 5 in our family: wife and myself and 3 kids. youngest is 10, eldest 14

  18. Lightning, much like the insecure straight male, always follows the age old rule "no homo"

  19. Either hitting extreme both pvp seasons, being master rank pvp this season, or having both 100 quality and a 9/7 stone on my igniter sorc alt

  20. Have you tried Banished Knight set, Tree Sentinel's, Radahn's or the Scaled set? They all look really good. I don't understand why people think Bullgoat's is the only heavy armour. Havel's was usually worn by tryhard idiots anyway, vide Havelmages with dark magic in DS1.

  21. In order to get 101+ poise, you are required to use the bullgoats chest or bullgoats legs basically, my current build is radahan chest, gloves, bullgoats legs, black monk flame hood, with bullgoats talisman so I lose a talisman slot, that sucks

  22. In a similar vein, my answer is actually fuck weapons, I want some super heavy armor that doesn't look like garbage

  23. I grew up in China we played this all the time. But this video is a whole new level. Regular people kick it in the front, not as elegant as those two. And you can kick it on your own too. Someone can kick it hundreds of times. Doing tricks on between kicks etc. btw jianzi is not necessarily shuttlecock. In my hometown we used lamb fur. The fur part serves as the trajectory smoother. My grandma would sew copper Chinese money inside. Yes we all still had ancient Chinese money in every household then.

  24. I've seen videos of jianzi a ton, like at least 2 dozen times, but they are always kicking it behind themselves like this, I thought that was normal lmao TIL

  25. No dude what the fuck, god every time I think I'm desensitized I'm shown something new

  26. We really need to have a better way of dealing with aging and death, as a society.

  27. Supreme 8 is maintainable with like 3 hours of pvp a week, less if you do it during fever time, and even better if u do pvp adventure islands (medeia, lush reed, asura, etc)

  28. You know when something's so epic you just sit there and stare with all the emotion of a wide eyed brick?

  29. Jesus Christ put this shit in an action movie

  30. Sorc is one of the weakest classes in pvp, that's why it's getting a big pvp buff in the KR patch

  31. Anon failed to mention they were only grilling dark meat

  32. Jesus Christ are you fucking kidding me? Your entire post history is just insanely good looking food, I kept scrolling and it just kept going

  33. Haha shit, I started back in Alpha 8, but you've definitely got me beat in hours, I think I'm only at 1.4k, easily a top 5 game for me even with how much of a mess it is, that's part of the charm lol

  34. I genuinely never know if it's pregnancy or COVID everytime I see a post like this

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