1. Yeah, definitely possible, or at least them hunting in pairs. Plenty of animals today hunt or travel, or hang out in groups, wolves, hyenas, lions, otters, orcas, ravens, ants I think it is claimed that cuban crocodiles even hunt in packs sometimes. I guess really depends on the intelligence of the creature and if it's essential for better survival.

  2. It's odd that when people give him crap about losing the league, no one acknowledges the fact that he beat the battle frontier which aside from maybe Tobias and Alain are stronger than most league competitors. That I feel is bigger accomplishment.

  3. Unfortunately, Wulfric's Mega Abomasnow destroys this team conceptually wise. (Not accounting anime rules, potential game moveset ideas, etc), Priority ice shard ohkos Gliscor, Swellow can't switch in to IS/Ice Punch +, Corfish loses to Wood Hammer, Sceptile can't touch it, Palpatoad doesn't even need any explanation, similarly to Krookodile although like Swellow, Aerial ace is an option— Not to mention the gradual damage built up from snow warning can change a near KO to a KO under the right circumstances.

  4. If its game wise then this team stands somewhat of a chance against Mega Abomasnow. Palpitoad outspeeds funny enough and knows sludge wave and supersonic, so if it goes for woodhammer it's in trouble. Krookodile knows stone edge and might be able to tank a hit (especially if it has intimidate), Swellow knows quick attack and flying moves and Sceptile knows quick attack and might be able to tank an ice shard.

  5. Yeah, it really didn't get its chance to shine with a win. Should've of had Starraptor, Buizel and Gliscor face Drapion, Gliscor win, get out sped by Ninjask and lose to its attacks and it being poisoned, then have Torterra finish it out.

  6. Which in the anime takes half a minute of prep time to use so unless you're obeying the rules of shonen anime where you just stand and watch your opponent charge up their super move or do their Power-Up transformation, Z-Moves aren't going to be that big of a threat as the Alolans seem to think they are.

  7. I mean you do that in games anyway where your opponent makes a move and you stand there. Plus unless you’re bulky, immune or resistant Z moves are going to be a threat.

  8. I don’t know. Unless infernape learns something like dual chop or bulk up, I don’t see it winning against Garchomp in its mega form. Even Mega Lucario was struggling against regular Garchomp when it was using not very effective moves and nearly resulted in a tie. Revers came in clutch.

  9. Agreed. Before JN, a lot of viewers insist that XY was his strongest team. Problem is, Greninja did most of the heavy lifting and it’s problematic since he’s a glass cannon. He is fast and hits hard but a couple bad hits will finish him off, which I feel Alola Mons can definitely do. I feel his DP or BF Pokemon were better in comparison

  10. Yeah, that is why ash having the one powerful "ace" that's not pikachu is sort of a problem. The rest of the team don't get as much spotlight or have to be jobbers for it too look good and there is too much of a level gap between them and the ace. Even if people say that Lucario and Lycanroc were the respected aces, the level gap between them and their team wasn't big and they still pulled their weight and had their moments.

  11. I stand by the opinion that Greninja’s feats were carried hard by XYZ’s animation style. If Ash’s Charizard or Infernape fought in XYZ, I know for the fact many viewers would see them as Ash’s best Pokemon. Even his weaker Pokemon like the Unova or Johto teams would look more impressive than they should be

  12. I personally think it was more of its Ash-Greninja form and its parallel with mega evolution and how powerful mega evolution was presented. That and the whole giant mega water shuriken attack in the league.

  13. I actually liked this episode, really surprised they showed Alto Maro as well as Bianca and the other latias. Also it was a bit of a surprise that Latios was still pretty hostile towards Ash. Though yeah, this episode should have been a two parter imo. I'm really not that upset that Ash didn't catch latias, though we do have another episode left so it could still be a possibility she somehow shows up near the end and Ash catches her.

  14. This guy lifted a larvitar like it was nothing and carried a hippopotas on his head. Dude got shounen anime strength.

  15. I really wouldn't call Ash a bully. Yeah he was annoying and obnoxious at times but so are most kids at that age, look at Gary and Iris in their debuts. It didn't help that most of the gym leaders just gave him a badge for being a good person, that probably gave him an unneeded ego boost.

  16. I honestly think his list is okay. Though I would have probably included, Dracovish and Lycanroc somewhere in there.

  17. People always leave out that information in order to downplay Sceptile and I don't know why, yes Heracross & Gible landed legit hits and Torkoal also "fought" (got one shot and did absolutely nothing) but Darkrai kept spamming dream eater and was mostly healed once Sceptile stepped in. I feel like some people scoff at the idea that Sceptile is even comparable to the other top tier aces because his bad win rate as a Treecko & Grovyle (the guy in the video kept bringing it up lol) and because mons like Swellow & Glalie were more dependable until he fully evolved in BF but feats like that Darkrai fight & being fast enough to catch speed form Deoxys are straight up some of the best feats of any of Ash's mons ESPECIALLY the non JN team ones.

  18. There also the fact that in the fight e aside from Pikachu Sceptile was the only one strong enough to take more than one hits from Tobias's mons. So on top of speed and power it has a bit of durability.

  19. I gotta say a side story between Diantha and Cynthia would be interesting.

  20. I feel either Houndour or maybe Espeon.

  21. There were several times he could've been retired. He could've been replaced with Brendan and May in Hoenn (not sure what could've happened with Ash) or he could've accepted Scotts offer of becoming a Frontier brain are two more examples. I just said end of Sinnoh as Unova is basically a new start. No previous Pokémon appeared in BW until post game so why have previous characters?

  22. Eh, I think him retiring around the battle frontier is a bit too early, he was still a bit cocky?and Sinnoh gave him great development . I think Sinnoh is the options too though. Have either Tobias not enter or have Ash somehow beat him, win the conference and then retire to the battle frontier.

  23. Aerodactyl, I think there would be interesting development with it, especially if Ash somehow caught around the time Charizard started obeying him.

  24. Flygon. Have him catch a Vibrava right before the league and evolve it during the battle frontier.

  25. About Pikachu against Alain. Your point is irrelevant and you just came under my comment to talk rubbish

  26. Your entire argument you are making against Pikachu and the entire battle is rubbish and highly flawed.

  27. No I’m not. The fact that you called my comments rubbish for making a point and giving points really just prove you’re the hurt one in this situation and just proves you’re the type of person to give criticism and insults or makes assumptions about people for giving their criticisms back. Or you’re just the type of person who thinks you’re always objectively right when giving critique. Either way I’m done with this.

  28. Honestly, it was mostly because he was an overly arrogant little prick who was still a newbie. He was a much more obnoxious and much more less humble version of Ash in his beginning days. Even though Paul was an asshole, he at least had the experience to back it up and was somewhat respectful to some of his opponents, plus he was literally the anti-thesis of Ash so it worked. Plus we got to see a bit more of Paul and his character development. Most of the time when we get trip, he's just being an obnoxious jerk and he had much less screen time.

  29. It really depends on the food in question, the situation and the amount. 1. If I have some gummy worms, fries or a whole pizza then obviously I don't mind giving a piece, I have plenty. If they want half of something like a steak, restaurant bought burger or half of my lunch and I haven't eaten all day then no, not sharing really isn't a dick move. 2. Unless they have a cup on them, how am I suppose to share a beverage with them? I'm not letting them put their lips on the container and if we are in an area with cups, there's probably beverages. 3. A bite doesn't always mean a "bite" to some people. Like when you say "I'm going out for a bite to eat" obviously you're not just going to take one bite of food them go home, you clearly are getting more than that. 4. This might be a rarity, but people usually don't like sharing food because either A. It happens to often for them and they just want to eat in peace or B. Certain people do it to constantly because they don't want to spend their own money for food.

  30. Its not about it being a one hit KO or not. Its about him giving up on an actual strategy to deal with metagrosses speed.

  31. I mean does he really need to think of a strategy on the fly each and every time? Yeah he could have used electoweb to slow it down but he still would have needed to hit metagross a good number of times to take it out. Or use the same strategy he used on Alain’s metagross, Tyson’s Metagross or Tobias’s Latios and just latch onto it and spam thunderbolt to weaken it . Which I’m sure a lot of fans would still complain about.

  32. He still couldve used the move. Just not rhe way he did. The way it played out was he spammed thunderbolt until pikachu got hit a few times then he just out everything in the move and didnt even plan oht how that would go. Like it really felt like him just throwing something until it stuck, cuz he didnt have a plan if metagross dodged the z move. He's just lucky the move happened to have the power to home in in its target( which it has never done before)

  33. Again, really don’t see what else he could have done, there’s really so much him or anyone else could have done. Z move was the best decision he or anyone could have made at the time. The only thing that could have happened for Ash to win is if Metagross got paralyzed by static giving a chance to spam electro web and thunderbolt.

  34. Yeah, it not battling Reshiram when it returned in Unova or making a return in Kalos to mega evolve into its Y form and battle were both missed opportunities.

  35. At least it was able to beat Candice’s sneasel. Also it was able to hold its own against Palmer and Bertha. Maybe if it learned proper defense or speedy moves like rock polish or stockpile and the focus didn’t shift to infernape, it could have bagged a few good wins. Maybe even beat Paul’s Drapion for redemption

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