1. So your dog is leash aggressive towards other dogs, or is it more of a lack of control wants to aggressively play with other dogs on leash?

  2. I'd say more lack of self control in the sense of being way too excited. If we see another dog coming he will immediately start whining and wagging his tail. He'll start trying to walk towards that dog and ill tell him no, and he'll reluctantly obey until they are about 20ft or so away, then he starts pulling me towards them while still whining and wagging. He doesn't start barking until they are almost touching each other; sometimes he's still wagging and whining until he starts making contact with the other dog, then flips. He gets in the other dog's face too quickly, and then immediately starts lunging and barking out of control. When I pull him away he either continues to bark and pull back, or goes right back to whining and wagging to go back to the dog.

  3. In the initial moments where he sees a dog but has not yet become unruly, get his attention, use a command word ("stay" or "leave it") and give him a treat (so long as he is at least somewhat intently focused on you and not pulling/barking/whining); gradually over time, positive reinforcement should teach him that he is to defer to you when encountering another dog.

  4. Thanks. I have tried treats, but need to be more consistent. He's turned down cooked hot dog pieces when determined 😅

  5. Just a small-ish sized hole. If you keep it covered with no air flow then that promotes fungus - including rot.

  6. I kind of felt that way during my first watch of the show. Then I watched it again and I kind of had this epiphany of why I thought she was annoying; I just couldn't understand why she cared so much about what her parents were doing.I realized this was because I did not grow up having an open relationship with my parents; I wanted space from them, I hid what I was doing all of the time because they were really controlling, they were volatile..etc. I mean, I would have loved if they came home late every day. So what I realized was, Paige's response to her parents secrecy was.....kinda normal? I mean clearly she has a healthy relationship with them considering how open she is with her feelings, how much freedom they give her and so on. They kind of remind me of friends I had growing up and I just was SO confused why they wanted to spend time with their parents and their family acted like friends. I honestly look at it like her reacting in the same way she would if a close friend was treating her like her parents did, obviously lying all the time about what they are doing and then gaslighting her in to thinking she is imagining things.

  7. I’m curious about the San Lorenzo river levels up in the mountains. If anyone has any updates.

  8. I just left felton and the river wasn't high. Will probably be really full Friday morning.

  9. I am also muted, though a bit lighter than you (probably Nars Punjab) and I have gone through a million red lipsticks and have the same issue: they are either too pink or way too bright. I have very dark hair btw, so I am hight contrast.

  10. Coastline pilates. I took classes there and Abigail is a great teacher. I also think its one of the cheapest places around too.

  11. You could check out NYX lip lingerie, depending on which way colors pull on you, a few of them could work. Maybe Bust Ed, Peek Show, Pushed Up, Unhooked. The unhooked says it's a grey beige but it looks straight gray purple/mauve on me.

  12. I may be crazy but I can’t get the lip lingerie to work. It’s always crazy dry

  13. I have had the same experience! I am a muted olive too (slightly warm), and every foundation is either too yellow or too pink/white. I can't even wear full coverage foundation because I'm not very saturated, so full coverage looks like a mask on me lol. I usually mix half foundation/half face lotion, or 75 bb cream/25 lotion.

  14. I wanted to get temptu green adjuster as I read it pretty doesn’t change the formula at all, but it would be such a hassle to get it to where I live!

  15. Cool! Temptu looks great but is silicone based, so I don't think that will work for me with the foundation I have that is water based.

  16. VT go on orangey pink on me but after 20 mins or so it fades to look more pink as on the right in your pic. Did it look different after sitting on your lips for a bit??

  17. It might mean that it's just too dark for your skin. You can try mixing in blue to make it less orange, or try a lighter shade. You could also test a cool shade and if it's too pink, you could add a little green mixer.

  18. thank you so much for your help, i never even thought about lavender, but i will try it :)

  19. Sure thing. NYX has a lot of good mauve lip color options too that you can double as a blush, so they are cheap to do trial and error with. I find the cool toned ones look a little better on me since my skin makes them pull warmer.

  20. Mauve blushes! Even depending on how much yellow you have in your skin, id also recommended purple or lavender. I don't have a specific blush recommendation because I use my eyeshadow pallette for blush (melt she's in parties).

  21. Likewise, the original Naked was my first eyeshadow palette and I got so discouraged. I like ColourPop That’s Taupe a lot

  22. Seconding this. I have the Tozo NC 9 and they're fantastic. The noise cancelling works great, battery life is pretty good, and IMO they're more comfortable than the Airpods style earbuds.

  23. I have anthem and I don't really have any issues finding providers that take it. It's not as widely accepted as bc/bs but it's pretty close in my experience. There are numerous online mental health and general care platforms that take anthem and I can get an appt next day usually. I do therapy and psychiatry on one app and they are $15 per appt. There are like 4 places in Santa Cruz alone to do physical therapy and it's 15 or 20 Copay. Even out of network for some things doesn't have an awfully more expensive copay if you get desperate. Now I'm not using much of my insurance because I'm young and generally healthy, but i do use it for mental health/PT/genrral checkups. I can't really speak for emergency care but I can't imagine having kaiser and not being able to just go to the hospital wherever I want if something happens (I think my ER fees are 10% out of pocket total).I remember when me and 2 friends got exposed to covid back in 2020 and were in the middle of nowhere 5 hours from SC and I was able to waltz in to the local hospital and get a covid shot for free by anthem covered them, and they had to pay like $120 because it wasn't a kaiser hospital and even the kaiser where we were wouldn't schedule them because they weren't in Kaiser NorCal territory or something like that.

  24. Sometimes Elizabeth is so void of emotion she sounds like she just speaks from the KGB textbook.

  25. She was hard to swallow sometimes but she was a good contrast to Philip for storytelling purposes. Philip had the mindset after so many years that they more than served their country and should focus on their family, because that was real life. Elizabeth was so dedicated to the cause that I always felt like she never saw her family as reality, but just part of her cover. Philip was ready to do what he needed to do to take care of his family and give his kids a safe, normal life (defect for $), whereas I feel like Elizabeth would've rather died in her pursuit to evade the FBI and leave her kids behind.

  26. Oh yeah I meant 4. I just mean like it would seem more plausible that she was still that heated and heartbroken 6mo later. I remember being thrown off that it was so long after considering how outwardly emotional and hellbent on revenge Abby still was.

  27. I was speaking in relation to the timeline of the actual game play. But I get what you're saying; that's why I said Ellie never gets her moment of revenge and that's why she doesn't stop. I do wish Ellie had known why Abby did it, I wonder how her actions would have changed (I don't think they would have).

  28. Welcome! Not sure if that's what you were looking for or even darker reds that are more autumnal, like cranberry reds? The Sephora 42 rosewood swatch I have there is a pretty nice color for that.

  29. Lol yeah I have the same problem. Too cool reds pull pink and too warm reds pull orange on me too since I'm a muted warm olive. The Half Caked, ColourPop, and Sephora ones should pull very similar to what you linked. I also have a very yellow olive skin tone as well. I think the Half Caked one looks the closest. I swatched them here in natural evening lighting if that helps:

  30. I do pilates and lift and it can be a little tricky. The good thing about pilates is that it is so low impact that you don't need recovery days from it. It's a perfect workout for an active rest day from the gym.

  31. Man I wish I could find that blue mixing pigment for a reasonable price in Canada

  32. That stinks. It was $8 here in the US. I was surprised at how big the bottle is so I expect it's going to last me forever since I only needed a crumb size amount.

  33. I love tarte maracuja tinted moisturizer. I'm a warm and delicate olive (light-medium skin) and I use 25N light-med neutral and it sits a little too warm when swatching but blends in absolutely perfectly with my skin tone. I mix it in with my face cream because I hate the feeling of anything heavy and like the extra moisturizer, but I don't even mind it on it's own because it's not very heavy and blends in well.

  34. Hello! All 6 items + 1 freebie (palette) are yours! Confirming you want the honey love lipstick without the box (i have one of each listed above!)

  35. I'm going to go against the grain and say you're warm and delicate (that's what I am, I got color typed by Merriam style). Your skin tone looks almost identical to mine, especially the yellow. I was mistyped as a deep winter all the time. You're definitely warm, but not in a way that fits completely in the autumn season. You look great in deep colors, cool and warm, but warmer colors still look better on you, off-white looks better than white, and the browns look great on you. The yellow and oranges don't look good on you because your yellow/warm undertones are so delicate that they are easily washed out by orange and yellow; pastels and uber bright/light cool colors will do the same. You can pull off the deep winter colors because warm and delicate is close to neutral on the spectrum, so you can borrow deep cool colors from deep winter and look better in them than you would borrowing from the other end (yellows and oranges that work on super warm and radiant people). But I still think dark warm and delicate colors you will look best in. Also rose gold probably is your metal, not silver or yellow gold.

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