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Looks Like the Tide is Finally Going Out....Time to See Who’s Naked: Docket Item 390: Exhibits D-F

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  1. Wait that says status "Live". Does that mean these patents are now approved and active?

  2. I thought the other screenshot from the post a few minutes before yours showed they were still "application in review". Which is it Johnson?! But for real, are they live or still pending review?

  3. 100/4.5 * 33,257,558 = 739,056,844.4444444 shares of common stock

  4. What is this math? Why take 100/4.5? There isn’t necessarily 22 owners holding 100% of the company (or 4.5% each). There may only be like ten 4.5% owners.

  5. understandable but if someone else other than good guys pays out premium to buy it away bbbyq still wins cause they sold higher. its a win win cause even if shorts buy it the price paid will still deliver a hi premium to leave after debts to pay us which looks to be substantial payout, have you seen the dd of yesterday showing as of feb2023 filing that bbbyq inflows to outflows was even to but a single dollar this means they balanced their books back in feb23 and this is all a bear trap. hold baby just buy if can but hold

  6. Even if the stalking horse bid was some hedge fund, that is not the final bid, it just sets the MINIMUM price accepted by Bobby.

  7. Eli5: does the highest bid have to be selected?

  8. This I do not know but I would imagine not. Most favorable bid (and bid terms) in the best interest of the stakeholders would be my best guess

  9. I know that's the deadline so it's at that point and not before?

  10. Biggest question is when will WE hear about the stalking horse deadline? Will it actually be made public by 5:00pm ET on Thursday, OR is that just the nob-public deadline, and we might have to wait until auction to hear who/if the stalking horse bidder is?

  11. Although there's a correlation, "prove" is a strong word.

  12. We will still get news of stalking horse bid next week. This is DIP procedures.

  13. I’ve seen competing answers about whether the stalking horse bid will be immediately made public (ie by 5pm ET on June 1st) or will the stalking horse bid remain private?

  14. Hmmmm this is NOT exponential in the slightest. 450,000 is actually quite a small number for GME. This post does nothing but try to create panic like they are stockpiling some HUGE/exponential short attack. This is normal, if not on the low end, for GME.

  15. german market, it was up 25% and diped when US market opened, now it is up again

  16. FOMC and short reporting day today...something's gonna happen

  17. I forget when we usually see these reports come out? Is it always after market hours or does it sometimes come during regular market hours?

  18. fomc at 2 et and shorts are after close. we have seen some major volatility in the past on days like this. there could be big move either direction

  19. Thank you friend. 2pm ET has now come and gone. Was there anything that came of the FOMC?

  20. Not a great place to be bragging about being positive at $0.24 my friend. Most of us have cost basis in the $3+ range and are a very long way from green overall.

  21. Nope not that I can see. But filings have a 10 min lead before we see them so maybe a hedge fund caught wind of a filing!?

  22. The same reason we know it on Computershared. Insiders, mutual funds, etc. I dont believe its counting retail shares though

  23. Sorry friend. There is no possible way Webull knows how many shares individual investors own across all platforms. If we could easily get that info, then this whole saga would not even be a thing. It’s because total shares held by retail is unknown that this whole naked shorting fiasco exists.

  24. I'm curious as well. Latest court filing claimed 738m shares outstanding.

  25. Yep exactly. Court filing today confirmed the 738Mil shares outstanding, not the 428Mil that had been in question for some time.

  26. I personally think they’re timing the big GME announcement with the debt ceiling. GME will rocket because of bullish fundamental announcements, and the broader market will dump as GME rockets. This will be blamed on the debt ceiling.

  27. You actually think that they aren’t going to reach an agreement for the debt ceiling and just default? No. It’s all a political game. They will reach an agreement and the stock market will rally unfortunately.

  28. Help us understand the gist of this post without making us read pages 49 to 79, please.

  29. BBBY just served every bank, broker, and depository servicer with a court order requiring them to reveal the beneficial holders they're acting as nominees for.

  30. I too want to know this. Has the compiling already started and/or completed? Or do you think this order will initiate a deadline and now a shit ton of buys will come through from people that want to add to this official tally that has not yet been tabulated?

  31. Didn’t someone post that it was 85 Mil this morning?? Looks like they are manipulating these numbers if it changes by 12 Mil in the middle of a trading day?!

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