1. I think they feel you just see them as friends, especially if you never do the actual first step and befriends multiple guys.

  2. Ahh the glorious time when you received an insult message after a game of cod to let you know you did well in that game and how your mom is beautiful

  3. Never do meal as a first date, coffee date or go for a drink but don't take alcool yourself if you don't want to.

  4. Swimming will only tan your back to any noticeable extent, and won’t build significant muscle.

  5. Not significant muscle like gym but it do help get that V shape with large shoulder that some girls dig

  6. He is a dick and very insecure, i think this relation is already dead but for future relationship don't forget that being honest is different than oversharing your past.

  7. Dude it's over, she lie, gaslighting you, try to have convo going on the app before you gave your ok. She already lost respect and see you as a bother.

  8. Honestly i think an open relationship would benefit me more or be about even. Its just not something I want. We are both bi, something we bonded over. It would be pretty easy to get a new guy every night for me with the abundance of gay hookup apps. But if i wanted to sleep around i would be single not in a committed 4 year monogamous relationship

  9. Damm bro, looking at the maturity you got for a 23yo you deserve much better. You did the right thing breaking up with her

  10. I had 1 partner before, But i was his first real girlfriend and we were eachother first when it came to sexual acts. And It took him, I think 2 weeks before he agreed. I don’t know how many partners I have had but it wasn’t about the partner it was about having different sexual experience so It depended on what I wanted to try, he is conservative so I knew most of the sexual things I wanted to try he wouldn’t want to do it.

  11. Lol your title should be : Grown ass married woman get misguided and regret after thinking opening her mariage to feel young again and get dicks was a good idea.

  12. Lol so he paid for everything and provided for the couple when you were a stayvat home mom, and now you work but want to keep your salary to yourself and not provide for the household ?!

  13. It is always a surprise to me that the America people are now to sink so low. Actually now it is happen so much it is not to surprise to me.

  14. Yeah poopman. As much as i agree with you on flod, you are doing the same. Everyone of your post contain a "BeCAuSe GeRmaN RAcist agAiNst turkish" Arab's are doing the same emotional, progressist shit blackmail that black do in USA to europe

  15. I think the jawline of engie and heavy compensate the gay of the unicorn and make this actually based

  16. "College experience" + do not want to feel like she miss out = you already lost her because she feel like she miss something by being with you so 90% chance she will ride another dude dick.

  17. Bro she already cheated and frankly, seeing your comments and profil you had it coming yo you.

  18. I kinda hope that woman relives this memory in her head every single day for the rest of her life

  19. She will make a youtube video about how it shock her and it's that man fault for making her felling bad.

  20. For the samples that are not royalty free, you will not be sued, you will just need to appropriately credit and compensate the original author of the sample. Theres more information about this on the "licence" for such samples (you can view the licence for a non royalty free sample by clicking "View terms of use"

  21. Lol this chick hates her husband and has a following on insta where she makes these comics where he’s this like selfish fucking piece of shit. “He gets to workout”, “he ate the last peach” “he gets to nap and I don’t” “he gets a day off on Father’s Day” etc. etc.

  22. I check the insta, it's truly scary to see a people that think like her and the legion of women npc that follow her and agree.

  23. How hasn’t he divorced her yet like god damn

  24. My guess, she is a yoga instructor/practitionner so she is still hot. Basically i think he keep her as a trophy wife.

  25. Date and you will realise soon enough all women are full of flaw like every human.

  26. does not change the fact they have more value

  27. Last anon truly understand the struggle of women. If he play the understanding card right he has a lot of pussy available

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