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  1. The monopoly has a natural water pane that it spawns with when underwater. I am willing to bet that is conflicting with the world's water pane. The game can't decide to spawn the monopoly with the built in water pane or without since that layer is conflicted. I would try a little bit up or a little bit down.

  2. Switch to a different character and continually use the bonus action "shove" to move the stuck character away from the conversation. Eventually it will break the conversation ( it took 3 successful shoves from Lae'zel for me ).

  3. I get this bug constantly and this works for me almost every time.

  4. Use a character builder app. DND beyond works, but there is plenty of free apps out there as well.

  5. It probably won't be much bigger. Even though the game will be at least three times larger. They will reuse a lot of the assets and compress them loads better when they have the final version. its just not efficiently feasible for them to heavily compress the product as it is now when they will have to redo it on future patches and again when the final game is released.

  6. Conservatives outgun democrats and no one does hate like a conservative. Options 1 and 3 are out.

  7. Not saying you are wrong but do you source this from anecdotal sources?

  8. On the hate thing? Not really. But I don't see the left screaming for "death to (insert minority)". And I could probably find a source easily enough that says the pro 2nd amendment party has more guns then the party constantly advocating for more gun control.

  9. The graphics are fine and still hold well today. But if the Witcher three released today, it would have mediocre graphics.

  10. Stand alone Gwent imported to the game alone would be amazing.

  11. This is why you need bi-annual welfare checks landlords. At least one percent of the renter population is like this and you need to catch it early.

  12. I live down the street from one of the Starbucks in Chicago that unionized. Always full of people. Now closed

  13. If the the store was truly profitable, It can be seen as union busting, which is illegal. Its kind of a stretch legally, but it could be hard for Starbucks to justify closing and extremely profitable store.

  14. It's probably with the mini itself. Often there is mold release that is oil based. Usually paint in-of-itself doesn't have this issue.

  15. Honestly, including the new standalone Gwent with the following would be super fantastic.

  16. Is bertha ever preferable over Tesla? And barbs are inefficient at dealing dmg(per gold).

  17. Big Bertha does more damage to single zones then Tesla towers do. So they are far better at choke points. Where teslas are best where they cover a lot of ground. BB is also slightly cheaper and has more range.

  18. Elmer the briar is the only moveset I bothered learning. His phantom copies can be hard as balls on lower levels.

  19. Just a reminder that the game may not look any different if you are watching it after it goes through YouTube's horrible compression.

  20. It's really hard to get a good job and go to college though. Most jobs don't like to have flexible scheduling that is needed for a student. But I would agree. College is easy about 95 percent of the time. The other 5 percent being when all of your classes bury in work all at the same time. But those moments are rare and most professors are willing to give you an extra day or two in those situations.

  21. Where are you getting this information? They could qualify for both food stamps and Medicaid.

  22. According to the USDA, it's unlikely for students to qualify for food stamps if they are at least halftime. And there is many situations where a student making underneath the income cap may not be able to qualify for Medicaid.

  23. Even then, I wouldn't nominate it. There is soo many early access titles that are full triple a games.

  24. As a teacher, keep it up! Not just great grades, but great grades with a difficult courseload

  25. Check the discord channel for adventure. There is a metric fuckton of resources there for the adventure. Just use the search function to find what you need. I do recall 3d models being shared.

  26. If you're invading you have no honor in the first place. The lore of any soul game is pretty clear about that.

  27. I am just saying that I adjust to the honor of the host. I won't run away into a horde of enimies to heal If the host stays out of a one v one between me and their summon. But I will fight dirty if I am fighting a three v one. In previous souls games, invaders had honor and were treated with honor at least 50 percent of the time. I don't know why the elden ring community is so anti-invading.

  28. In the previous games most invaders and hosts had honor. For example, less then half of the invaders would try to gank a player.

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